Deadlines, Dates, and Volunteer Opportunities

Tickets, Tickets, Tickets! Today (03Feb2020) is the last day! If you are reading this tomorrow, you are too late! Get that request in the system and that money order in the mail! Flipside is coming.

Support Art! Speaking of tickets…did you know you can support art at Burning Flipside by donating to Ignition Philtre, the community run organization specifically made for supporting burn event art? Just check the box and AAR will pass along anything over your ticket cost to Ignition Philtre. Want to learn more about Ignition Philtre? Visit

Show the Land some Love! Work Weekend 1 is coming up on Feb 14! Show the land some love. Sign up in the new Flipside Volunteer System at and  check out the Facebook Group for more info.

Support Safety (so Safety can Support the Event)! If safety is your art, mark your calendar: Safetyside, our regional safety team training event, will be March 27 – 29. Not only do we want folks to attend, we also need help with load-out, setup, tear-down, and load in at Lloyd! Additional info coming soon. If you have a safety class you’d like to teach, please contact Geo at Additional Info Coming Soon!

Cleanup Crew Wants YOU! Did you leave the burn last year thinking, ““I am SO gonna volunteer and do something next year to contribute” or “Damn there’s a lotta talk on social media about needing volunteers for stuff, maybe I should do something next year….” OR “F***! I’ve been meaning to volunteer every year and I keep getting trashed and forgot my shift I signed up for…”? If this sounds familiar – CLEAN UP CREW WANTS YOU!!! Do you have a flexible schedule and live within reasonable driving distance to Apache Pass? Can ya get off work the Saturday after Flipside and come back out to help with MOOP cleanup? WE WANT YOU! If you wanna party hard all weekend and do your volunteering AFTER the burn, please send an email to and let us know you’re in!

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