Update 9:40AM Tuesday May 26th

The waters are receding and the goal now is to get EVERYONE off of the property. The three divisions from last night are combined to one now. If any Flipizens have been waiting to come pick up their friends and family, now is the time.

Our volunteers are clearing the roads, and those that can get off-site are leaving. Some people will need rides, so if you know you’re picking someone up, please do.

We will be organizing the actual CLEAN-UP on SATURDAY, May 30th.

Should you drive out to the site, please be aware that we are picking up Flipizens, NOT packing out camps. You will get stuck out there, and someone who’s been volunteering to help others for the last few days will have to drag you out. Uncool.

Be cool. Help people, not stuff.

There are approximately 135 Flipizens on Aquapolis (Apache Pastures). With approximately 40 people needing a lift out. Please make phone calls, and figure out if you need to come out.

Thank you!



Patrick Boyd
Trevor Goodman
Noreen Long
Thomas Monclova
Adam Rice

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