Last-minute news before load-in

Apparently due to heavy rain loosening the soil, a tree fell over and uprooted itself during an equipment dropoff at the event site today, in the area where many theme camps are located, approximately where Plaza del Fuego appears on the map.

Those of you who were at Flipside in 2013 will recall that a tree fell during the event then, and some of you may know that a tree fell shortly before the event in 2011.

So falling trees have been an aspect all along, and pecan trees are known for their self-pruning. These tree falls have caused no injuries, although the 2013 incident did cause property damage. In fact, the collective response to the 2013 tree fall–both on site, managing the incident, and afterward, when we all came together to help out those whose property had been damaged–turned out to be shining moments for our community.

Clearly we cannot guarantee that no more trees will fall. We all take risks when we participate in Burning Flipside, and this is one of them. What we can say is that our community has practice in dealing with this kind of situation, and we support each other.

In the meantime, if you have a chainsaw and want to help clear away the tree that is down, bring it to the property on Saturday.

Adam Rice, on behalf of AAR, LLC, which also includes
Noreen “Izzi” Long,
Patrick “Problem” Boyd,
Thomas Monclova, and
Trevor “Princess” Goodman