Announce for April


April is the cruelest month, but it is also beautiful. Winter has mostly let go of our fair land, so now we must rally our forces and make the most of what time we have left before packing ourselves off to Pyropolis!

Remember, if you have things you’d like to contribute to Announce and/or the Flame, please check out the Flipside Flame/Announce Submission form. You can find it under “Contact” on the home page of


Theme Camp Registration

Theme camp registration closes Wednesday, April 1st at midnight. Please get all of your camp’s info (contact info, infrastructure, placement preferences, special needs, etc.) loaded up onto a registration form by then.
If you’re reading this after the deadline and you have additional info to add (+/- # of campers, structures, fire, etc.), please send it to me at But please, please, please try to get your info in on time. The sooner we get everyone’s info, the sooner we can get everyone placed and get a map out.
If you have any problems with or questions about filling out the form, shoot me an email to the above address.
Thanks everyone!
Mercedes, Theme Camp Liaison

Art and DMV Registration

The Art and DMV registration forms (for your fabulous mutant vehicles) will remain open until 12:59pm, April 8th. Art pieces to be included on the map must be registered before the deadline. If you need to update any information on the form or miss the deadline, please contact Please note that pyro art MUST be registered.

City Signage

It’s time to name the streets and footpaths of Pyropolis! The City Signage Department wants YOUR suggestions for street and footpath names.
Things to keep in mind: street names don’t need to be theme-related to be chosen. There are no rules for naming streets – just remember that our street signs are only 20” x 5”. In other words, really long street names like SKIPPIDY DOO DAH DAY Rd. might be too darn long to fit on the signs and still be legible. Short and sweet just works much better than long and convoluted.
To submit a street or path name suggestion, go to and submit a message to City Signage (Area: City Planning).
I’ll be taking submissions through April 10th.
Thanks for participating,
Stephanie Taylor, City Signage Lead

Event Registration

Events at the event registration will remain open until 11:59pm May 15th. If you have any questions, please email

Work Weekend III (Hell or High Water Edition)

Barring a plague of locusts or volcanic eruption, the initial work weekend for Flipside will happen April 10-12 at the future home of Pyropolis. Since the first two scheduled work weekends were canceled by weather, it’s going to be important that there is a good turnout of volunteers. The work weekend will start at 5 p.m. Friday the 10th and end at 5 p.m. Sunday the 12th.
Work weekends are a way to help improve everyone’s Flipside experience by creating the space to foster creativity during those sweaty days in May. Work weekend tasks typically include cleaning up of debris, clearing trails, burning deadfall and helping tame poison ivy and fire ants. They are also a fun way to meet fellow Flipizens, make some new friends and renew old acquaintances.
Sign up on Questions? Email me at
Shugabear, Work Weekend Communications Lead

WW 3:) Specifics

From our Site Prep Lead, specifics about what we’ll be looking at that weekend if all goes according to plan:

  1. Clearing out the Corral. We have a good sized new space that needs some love an attention. One of the things that needs some love and attention is the giant concrete circle/fire pit that we’ll want to try out on Saturday night.
  2. Ant mound patrol. The mounds are everywhere, and they’re gigantic. We’ll need people to treat them.
  3. Leaf/branch piles: The pecan harvest generated a lot of debris that has been piled up and needs to be burned out.
  4. More fence posts: Some of the posts are misaligned, and we’d like to straighten them up for the land owner.
  5. Poison ivy: Yup. It’s time. Don the protective suits and let’s get it dealt with.
  6. Beach and Island cleanup: Time for a little trimming and pruning.
  7. Finding other stuff to do: There’s always some help needed looking for other issues on the site that need work. Those branches need to be trimmed. There’s a giant pit where Wonderlounge was that might need to be filled in. Help us find these things and fix them before the event.


Burning Flipside is an entirely volunteer endeavor. There are no spectators, only participants! An important part of participation is volunteering for various departments before/during/after the event. Check out for an overview, and dig around in for more specifics.

  • Recycling has made an appeal for volunteers in particular. Would you like to help keep more Flipside recyclables out of the landfills
    with us? We need volunteers to help participants sort their recycling into glorious mountains of material to be made anew once more!
  • Rangers have a signup sheet prepared. What is a Ranger? Rangers are members of the community who actively participate in Flipside through gifting their time, providing for the safety of all participants, and ensure that we are in a state of mind/preparedness to manage our duties. We assist in creating a space where everyone can have the intensely individual/communal experience that is a burn. This is our art. Interested? Click the link to sign up for training! Do it for love, adventure, for science, for Flipizens everywhere, for keeping our event sustainable, for reasons! We’d love to have you. See you in training!
  • …and I’m certain that every department could use another set of hands.

Remember, Burning Flipside is a Do-ocracy. Go do ALL the things!

CC Meetings

The Combustion Chamber is an advisory committee to the Austin Artistic Reconstruction LLC to facilitate community input & transparency for the policy-making process and organization of burn community events. There will be two meetings in April, each starting at 7:42 pm at the Flipside Warehouse. Special topics are as follows:

  • April 6th – Cultural Appropriation
  • April 20th – Warehouse and CC Retreat (do we want this, and when/where)

Check the Flipside Flame for topic details!

The CC will inform the community of any location changes or topic changes as quickly as possible. Please join us at the Warehouse or send us your input at