Announce May 2016


ZOMGWTFBBQNO! It’s almost here!

Packed with info, this Announce message is the last regularly scheduled Announce message before Burning Flipside. Chances are high that there will be another one, but, well, read them all. It’s worth your time, and there’s lots of good advice. It also includes the much-vaunted MAP!

For more info, stay tuned to:

Remember, if you have something you’d like to contribute to the Flame or Announce, use Flipside Flame/Announce Submission page to send it in. Announce tends to be at the beginning of the month, and Flames usually get published around the middle of the month. Get me the info at least a week before then, and I’ll do my best to get your contribution included.


Tickets as of May 2016

Do you have a ticket? Check by logging onto secure.burningflipside.comtickets-vertical

If you sent in a ticket request but have not gotten an email or a Survival Guide, log on to see if you actually have a ticket. Do it NOW. Do not assume you have a ticket just because you sent in everything on time!

Transferring a ticket?

During transfer, change BOTH the NAME and the EMAIL address on the transfer page.

Once you have transferred a ticket, the ticket code will change – the old ticket code will no longer work.

Problems? Contact Loribug at

City Planning Needs Awesome People

The City Planning crew are looking for people with a specific set of skills to help label the city. There are two crews that will be working the weekend before Flipside: Flagging and City and Street Signage.


Do you like really knowing where camps are located before you get to Flipside? Can you read a map? Have you been trying to find Pelican Camp for years? Flagging may be for you!

Flagging helps define the boundaries of theme camps with what we like to call “flags” because that’s what they are called. If you are interested, contact the Flagging lead, Terran, at

City and Street Signage

Do you want to get a deeper understanding of the roads of Flipside? Can you work a socket wrench or screwdriver? Do you want to help tell people where they can go? City and Street Signage may be for you!

City and Street Signage helps people find where they are, if not where they want to be, by putting up helpful street signs around the town. If you are interested, contact the City and Street Signage lead at

A Very Exciting Four Way

Pyropolis has grown up, kids. And this year, some of the roads are hitting puberty and making changes with how they want to be ridden on. The biggest change is where all the roads converge. This year, instead of “going straight” past the convergence, you will need to cross over. Which means a four way stop. Well, I guess technically it’s a two way, since both roads are one way, but where’s the innuendo in that?

Confused? Me too. Here’s a map that will make it all SUPER CLEAR! Memorize it, because once you get out there, there’s no way to tell which direction to go.

What? Oh, okay, fine, we’ll put up signs, if you are going to be that way about it. But you better pay attention to those signs! People worked hard to put them there!


We Need Drivers

Can you help move the infrastructure needed to make the event happen? On Saturday, May 21, SiteOps needs volunteers who can drive the Penske rental trucks out to the land and back the same day. If you’re interested, contact us at

Pre/Post Volunteers Needed

PrePostOps is still looking for volunteers for both pre event set up, and post event tear down.

Contact Lurko at to sign up.

Guardians Needed

Do you wanna feel like a “superhero” and keep Pyropolis safe? Need a little reprieve from the constant hum drum of Flipside? Do you wanna play with night vision?! Well, let me tell you, Guardians department is right up your alley!

We are stationed along the perimeter of the property and make sure hooligans aren’t trying to sneak in. Night shifts include night vision to help you see in the dark like Batman nudge nudge

Shifts are only 4 hours long (6 hours if you have a lead position), super chill and quiet. Perks of being a Guardian include awesome swag if you sign up for 2-3 shifts. So come join us, have fun, and get super cool points under your utility belt for volunteering. Volunteering is super sexy, just sayin! Sign up at the Guardians Sign Up Sheet.

No, Really. Volunteer!

Hi Flipizens!

Did you know that this event is completely run off of the power of volunteers and ticket money? 100% of our operations are conducted either by the proceeds from our tickets, or from the sweat (or brain-sweat) of our volunteers — what this means is that if volunteering stops, then the event stops.

So, how do I volunteer? The first option is to head on down to and read all of the information there.

Your second option will be, this year, to head on down to the Volunteer Grove at the Flipside Civic Center, where we will be experimenting with ONSITE volunteer intake — come physically see who is signed up for stuff, and head on down there. There will also be information there about specialized ways that people can help the event.

Thank you so much for making the event go, and I hope to see you out there!

–Dahling Sweetiepoo,
Volunteer Coordinator
Burning Flipside 2016

The Official Map!

The Official Theme Camp and Art Placement Map has been released! Check it out!

For the direct link to the PDF:

Marvel in its beauty!

Parking and Towing

When you arrive at Flipside, you will have two hours to unpack and take your vehicles to parking. This applies to all vehicles with the following exceptions: registered art cars and artfully decorated vehicles that you are camping in. If you want to camp in your car or truck, you must have your theme camp leads approval and you must take steps to decorate / camouflage it. Seriously, the least you can do is cover it with a couple of tie dye sheets or celtic tapestries – you know you have them already!

There are many aesthetic reasons for this. Who wants to spend their downtime looking at another white Honda Civic?

But the real reason is twofold: our agreement with the county requires us to strictly segregate parking and camping. We also don’t have enough room to accommodate vehicles in the city.

In the past couple of years, we’ve been somewhat lax about enforcement. This year of “No”, you need to get yer car to parking or invoke the wrath of the Towing gods. We will give nudges both verbal and written. If you don’t move your vehicle, you will be towed to the onsite LOT OF SHAME.

Parking will maintain a log, so check with them if you think your car has been towed! Questions and feedback can be sent to Genesis at!

The Earth Guardian Meetup Point Has Moved!

Based upon the very preliminary and entirely malleable not-ready-for-prime-time map, The EG Meetup point has moved (see below). We’ve a new command center for volunteerism at Flipside. The Earth Guardians are joining that force.
We will meet at the new location and proceed to our parades from there. Take a moment to sign up ( and set your parade theme.

Clean Up 2016

Hi, this is Xander, your Clean Up Lead for 2016. We need your help after the event with MOOP Sweeps and as needed tasks. Sign up on the Clean Up Wiki web page.

As a reminder, only those signed up to work on a post-event team, like Clean Up, may stay past 5 PM on Monday, Memorial Day.

Please be accountable and leave NO trace of camping there. If this is a problem, then you are doing it wrong. Please restore your personal area, restore your theme camp’s area, and cooperate with your neighbors and other teams to restore zones and regions to a state better than or equal to the state before the event.

Thank you for practicing the community’s principles.

Feel free to contact with requests, questions, and/or comments: at


Hello there all you sexy Flipizens,
This is Rose, your recycle lead for 2016, here with a few words:
1st: We are still needing volunteers for Monday and Tuesday shifts. If you work one of these shifts you will be able to say on the land one extra night and leave Tuesday morning.
2nd: We will be taking glass, tin, steal, plastics 1-7, paper, cardboard, aluminum, the small green protein tanks, and batteries
We do not take TRASH!!!!!
3rd: we will be in a new location this year so come find us and say hi!!!

I cannot wait to see every one of you out there. Loves and lots of hugs

Your dedicated recycling lead 2016