Flipside Flame May 2016

FBSLogoOne final week to pack ALL the things, get your costumes and provisions squared away, and decide what NO means to you. This is the final Flame before Burning Flipside 2016, so read up, then load out! As usual, it’s worth your while to read the whole thing!

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NO Fireworks

We know you read your Survival Guide. We know you’re committed to keeping Flipside safe and MOOP-free. So this is a redundant but gentle reminder that fireworks are prohibited at Flipside. Due to changes in state law, and depending on the county, you may see active fireworks stands this year—but the event policy hasn’t changed. Leave the fireworks for a more appropriate time and place.

Load Out 5/21 (Help!)

This is a do-ocracy especially load out day. If we are gonna have Flipside, our shit has to get out there. It has to be loaded out, driven out, and unloaded. This coming Saturday at the warehouse that is going to happen, with or with out you. It just matters if you make yourself part of this communal effort. Come play with us.

We are light on drivers. Got a drivers license? Drive a truck? Can drive a truck ? We need 6. Also pace drivers would be nice, just in front and behind keeping an eye on shit. You can contact the Transportation Lead at transpo16@burningflipside.com.
Bring food, snacks, cuteness, a willing attitude and help us load this shit out at the warehouse and unload it at the land. Do what you can; you don’t have to do it all, but you should play.

Flipside is play, this is community play, make it so fuckers. Looking forward to it.

~loosely paraphrased from Clovis, Site Ops AF

Flagging Saturday (5/21)

Flagging volunteers will be meeting onsite Saturday morning at 11:00 am to start flagging our city. Volunteers will break up into teams, each flagging the theme camps and trails for separate zones.

Flagging is a fun way scope out your own camp site and check out the condition of the land. We’ll provide maps, flags and tapes. But feel free to bring extra tape measures.

Pyropolis Civic Center

This Flipside, we are introducing a new piece of infrastructure: the Pyropolis Civic Center!

What does this place do? Well, it offers Flipizens a central place for volunteering! The following volunteer teams will use the Civic Center as a rallying point:

  • Volunteer Assistance Squad
  • Shaven Apes
  • Recycling
  • Zone Czars
  • Earth Guardians
  • Clean Up

Additionally, there will be onsite volunteer opportunities at the Civic Center, where there will be a list of available shifts that you can sign up for, live and on the spot. In particular, we will be searching for participants that have 4×4 vehicles that can help with getting people out of the mud, should we have a mass mud-stuck situation like we did last year.

So, come by and give Pyropolis’s citizens some love!

Recycling Updates

Hey there all your crazy Flipizens,
We are in the home stretch of heading Home and your dedicated recycling lead has a few things she wants to remind of. We are in a new location this year so come find us by the volunteer area!

Recycling hours:

  • Friday:12:30-4:30
  • Saturday:10-6
  • Sunday: 10-6
  • Monday 9-5


We accept:

  • Glass
  • Plastic 1-7 (must have recycling symbol with a number in the middle)
  • Paper
  • Tin
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Cardboard (corrugated and non-corrugated)
  • Cardboard boxes!!!!!!
  • Battier
  • Small green propane tanks


We Still Need Volunteers for Monday & Tuesday

Sign up at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aMSJfntTrBx-kA9KBCnsmi9z6uZrROfBkd5pAnS4EC8/edit

  • If you work a Monday or Tuesday shift you will be able to stay on the land until Tuesday morning!
  • If there are not enough volunteers for Monday we will NOT OPEN.
  • I need a volunteer with a Drivers license to drive the recycling box truck

Monday is a busy day for all of us so try to bring recycling on the other days so that there is less to take Monday. Many people wait until the last day to bring recycling making us crazy swamped and crowed. Think ahead and drop off stuff the other days.
That should be it all your sexy people. I will see all your shining faces out next week when we return Home.

Your Recycling lead

Guardians Needed

Guess what’s a few days away? Going Home!

Know what would be super cool of you to do out there? Volunteer with the Guardians Department.

What do we do? We keep eyes on the perimeter of the event and make sure people aren’t sneaking into the event. Most of us don’t have natural night vision in our eyes (only a few of us lol), so we use night vision gear to aid us in catching them hooligans. If you’d like to get in on this badassery and help keep the city safe, we are still accepting some volunteers.

The shifts still available are higher up shifts, for those that are comfortable running a shift of volunteers, giving direction, communicating with other safety departments, and running around on a cart to the different locations. If you’ve volunteered with other safety departments, helped in a lead role in camp, or are a seasoned volunteer, this would be great for you! I can train over the phone or in person on site. You’ll get some cool swag out of it, work with some wonderful people, and get awesome points for putting in some volunteer hours.

Check out our wiki page that has a full description of what we do and has a link to our sign up sheet

If you or someone you know may fancy something like this, please contact me at guardians16@burningflipside.com! We would love to have you as a Guardian. One week till we go home, help me fill my last few shifts!


Monday Earth Guardian Burn Parade

Did you enjoy the Burn? Were not those fireworks spectacular! Let’s show that by helping cleanup afterwards. Monday is the time to show that appreciation by joining the 10am Earth Guardian Parade. This will meet at the crossroads volunteer center and attack the MOOP left behind by burn night. Show your love of DaFT and all burn night volunteers by helping de-MOOP the effigy field.


Flipside OFFICIALLY ENDS ON MONDAY, MAY 30, 2016. The celebration is over and we need to begin returning the land to its natural condition. So all Flipizens, their camps, MOOP and trash must be off the land by 5 pm on Monday. There will be Exodus teams roaming the land assisting Flipizens with their departure. Due to unforeseen conditions (weather, emergencies), an unplanned Exodus can occur at any time during the event.

Monday /Tuesday Volunteers

Several departments still need volunteers for Monday and Tuesday post event. Recycling, Exodus, Clean Up and Post Ops all need a hand. Please sign up at the respective sheets and enjoy an extra day before re-entering the default world.

Post Event Weekend

[Looking towards the future] Burning Flipside happened and it was Awesome! Now we need your help on the post event weekend clean up. Saturday, June 4th at 10 am we need many hands on site to pack up all the infrastructure that is going back to Lloyd the warehouse and perform any restoration needs to return the land to how we found it. Please come out to Apache Pastures for one last visit to Burning Flipside. Any questions can be directed to Site Sign Off at sitesignoff16@burningflipside.com

Event Events

Some quick reminders about events going on during Burning Flipside:

Get Smudged!

Smudge Camp is offering smudge blessings by burning of sacred herbs and resins (sage. frankincense, myrrh, amber copal) in the electro tipi @ camp #614. come by and get your aura cleansed …


mohawk sign lava lounge 2016NO!….body will walk away without a nohawk, mohawk or bihawk from Lava Lounge on Friday, from 2-4pm.

NOffering the best in hawks for your hot and awesome weekend, come get sheared by Madalene and walk away with NOmething to talk about. Everyone NOs mohawks are the best: they’re clean, sleek, sexy, great in the heat and easy to care for. And that’s what I’m here for: to give you that sleek look for the rest of your weekend shenanigans. NOthing is better for kicking off Flipside.

WHEN: 2-4pm Friday
WHERE: Lava Lounge Luscious Dancefloor

Ice Cream in the Badlands

Flipside Franks will once again be serving thoes wonderful doggies in the badlands, with one exception ICE CREAM, yes, we have a soft serve machine. Come enjoy. Live, Love, Play

An Editorial on Rain

Many people are concerned about rain at Flipside, but few have asked ‘Really, what is rain made of?’ Or ‘What is water, and why is it wet?’

First and foremost, on Earth, the planet which you are nearest, rain is usually made of a ubiquitous substance named ‘water’, in English. It is known by several names, but it is commonly called Dihydrogen Monoxide by people who like Chemistry.

Remember that ‘rain’ can be comprised of other forms of gravitationally influenced condensates, but for our discussion here, we will assume that we are talking about what rains on Pyropolis.

In its pure form, it is a colorless and odorless chemical compound that is somewhat viscous, yet only somewhat cohesive, and therefore strongly attracted to vessels, containers, tarps, fish, and other protein matrices. Given its reactive hydroxyl radical, the chemical compound dissolves many substances and it’s known to be one of the strongest erosive forces in nature. It can be found in its purest form in the puffy white or looming gray floating sky-mountains we call “happy little clouds.” Bob Ross knew what was up, and that it must come down.

Because of the strong tetrahedral hydrogen bonding of the Deadmau5-shaped molecule, the radical bonds of Dihydrogen Monoxide or ‘water’ can form a loose membrane-seeming envelope over objects and people. This is described as being ‘wet.’ Thus, one can describe being ‘wet’ as being engulfed, or having been engulfed, by a substance that falls from the sky in a molten mass that could slowly dissolve you and your possessions. This is perfectly normal.

Although water, and one of its eroding forms, ‘rain,’ can clearly be seen to somehow seek out fun and parade all over it, in truth water and rain are just forms of a larger system which interacts with all of us to create rivers, lakes, and snowball fights. To be sure, the Earth is seen as a blue dot by the human eye because of the great abundance of Dihydrogen Monoxide throughout the hydrosphere.

If you like the color blue, then water will like you in return. This is a scientific fact.

I hope this helps explain a few things and gives rise to more questions. Share your questions and your answers with your friends at Flipside. Remember that “NO” makes rain thematic, and if you disagree, then you can be thematic too. If you like what you’ve read, remember to lick the Subscribe button below, or share your opinion by making a printout of this edition of the Flipside Flame and take a crayon to it with your thoughts or interactive piece. I would suggest the blue one. Share this printout with our ticket volunteers in your ticket requests for next year, and as always, Burn On.

This is my opinion, unvetted by our friends of AAR, LLC, and hardly discussed aloud (by me) at any CC meeting in question.

[ And why do I (and others) use a disclaimer?  Because it was discussed a few years ago, and decided with CC input and some good deep thinking, that it’s a good idea, or better idea than not, to do it.  It is NOT because we’re all a bunch of weenies.  Though I might be a weenie. ]

I mean no disrespect to weenies.