Announce May 2017


Packed with really useful information, this Announce message is the last regularly scheduled Announce message before Burning Flipside. It’s worth your time to read through, and there’s lots of good advice.

For more info, stay tuned to:

Remember, if you have something you’d like to contribute to the Flame or Announce, use Flipside Flame/Announce Submission page to send it in. Announce tends to be at the beginning of the month, and Flames usually get published around the middle of the month. Get me the info at least a week before then, and I’ll do my best to get your contribution included.


Tickets — Do you have yours?

Here’s a few things to check into regarding tickets.
Read this BEFORE the event.
Read this BEFORE emailing with questions.
Heck, just read this NOW.
Then, if you still have questions, GO HERE.
  1. Log onto your tickets at to make sure you name is correct on your ticket.  Will Call tickets require an ID that matches your name before you can get in.  Example:  If your ticket is under SparklePony, make sure your drivers license says SparklePony.
  2. When transferring/claiming tickets, the unique ticket code will change.  Recipients need to log onto to see the new number.
  3. Emails are wonky sometimes.  If you did not get an email about your ticket, log onto to check your status.
What your takeaway from this is  :::::::  logging onto your account at may help you out.
~ Loribug
BTW:  secondary ticket sales are expected to be finalized within the next week.  Processing of the secondary tickets has progressed in waves, but will soon be complete.
STILL have questions?
Contact Loribug directly here:
 –> Tickets


Love Flipside?   YOU too can be an integral part of making this city the amazing place that it is!

Keep reading for the scoop on many of the opportunities to participate in Flipside in a variety of ways.

And CLICK HERE to get the short-and-sassy version of the info and links to get started NOW!


Looking for an unconventional opportunity?

Flipside doesn’t end when the effigy burns Sunday night….  There are teams of volunteers just like you that work hard after the event to make sure that we leave the land better than we found it.

Exodus is looking for volunteers to help Flipizens leave the city safely and smoothly and we’d love your help.

Work on Monday and stay overnight.

Signups are open on the Pyropolis wiki, so head over and volunteer!

 Recycling Volunteers Neededrecycling

Since a lot of things don’t decompose quickly, how can we not fill up landfills?
Of course the answer is …. Recycle!!!

To make this easier Burning Flipside has a recycling station. Check the survival guide for what they take and the times they are open. While planned to be open daily Friday through Monday, Recycling cannot happen without participants help. We need you to volunteer for a few quick hours.

As of writing this, it is not looking good – We need help!!


We need an assistant lead, volunteers for all shifts, and 1 to 2 truck drivers.  To find out more about Recycling at Flipside, CLICK HERE

To sign  up for a shift GO HERE!

To be my recycling assistant lead or be a driver contact Rose at:
 –> Recycling

 Shaven Apes

Like helping people build things and looking for folks in need of assistance? Sign up to be an Ape!
Be someone’s hero! Shaven Apes are the helping hands of Pyropolis. We help hold poles, bang stakes, and, sometimes, lay a lot of hay.

Our shifts are 3 hours long and you get to be a part of art projects, theme camps, and have an inside look at what folks are doing or have brought out this year.

We are not a safety department, and there’s no pre-event training required, so new event attendees can volunteer.

If you have a friend coming for the first time and looking for a great way to participate, send them our way. Shaven Apes wouldn’t exist without volunteers. Sign up for a shift today. Thursday shifts are in particular need!

For more information or just have a question, you can contact Samantha directly at
–> Shaven Apes


The Restoration plan for 2017 is to publish a MOOP Map and spreadsheet of findings, similar to that produced in 2016.
However, this year we are raising the bar seven notches this year.
  • First, we will have more property to cover.  Parking is moving to the other side of the road.
  • Second, we want to add photos and GPS coordinates of MOOP found into published documentation.
  • Third, we want to notify the Earth Guardian of any registered camp were MOOP was found, allowing them a chance to review the MOOP in person on Restoration Saturday following the event, and to pick it up.
  • Fourth, we want a prompt publication of the MOOP Map, detailed spreadsheet, and photos of MOOP.
  • Fifth, we will dispose of ash and hardware from the burnt effigy.
  • Sixth, we will complete all MOOP Sweeps with pick up and disposal.
  • Seventh, we will pickup all placement flags.
These goals require volunteers for Restoration.   Who should volunteer?
Earth Guardians from theme camps, especially those with MOOP found in either 2016 or 2017.
GeoCachers are wanted in hope that they can apply geocaching techniques to document MOOP found.
Hikers, Naturalists, and Photographers are welcome.
Basically, anyone who is able to walk the land in an organized fashion.
There is going to be a great deal of walking, and very little MOOP to pick up.
(because Flipizens are pretty darn good at picking up after themselves!)
MOOP Map 2016
Please Volunteer for Restoration — CLICK HERE

For more information or just have a question, you can contact Xander directly at
–> Cleanup

Transportation – Drivers Needed!

We need drivers for Load-in and Load-out! Every year we take event infrastructure and the effigy from the warehouse out to the land the Saturday before the event, and bring the infrastructure back the Saturday afterwards.
Drivers need to be 18+ and comfortable driving a 26′ moving truck. We also need fluffers to pick up the truck drivers from the warehouse and drop them off at the truck rental location that morning.
Load-in is May 20
Load-out is June 3
If you can help, contact Megs at
–> Transportation

This post we tackle BIODEGRADABLES!!

One question often discussed is,  “Are biodegradables, such as peels/shells/biodegradable glitter/etc. MOOP?”

The simple answer is YES!

Just because something eventually decomposes does not mean it should be left behind. Would you want others to discard banana peels in your own yard? Since we do not have trash cans, everything brought out to Apache Pastures must be taken home.

On the topic of decomposing, do you know how long things take to decompose? It may surprise you!

  • Plastic bottles: 70-450 years
  • Plastic bag: 500-1000 years
  • Tin can: around 50 years
  • Leather shoes: 25-40 years
  • Rope: 3-14 months
  • Cigarette Butts: 10-12 years
  • Milk packet (tetra) covers and drink packets: 5 years
  • Nylon clothes: 30-40 years
  • Glass bottle; 1-2 million years
  • Aluminum can: 200 years
  • Tinfoil- It does not biodegrade.
  • Styrofoam- It does not biodegrade

That is right, the cigarette butt you dropped last year is probably still there.

The beer can you threw in a gully will be there long after we are gone.

That is unless WE do something about it. The message is simple, pack it in – pack it out!


Green Crawls!

Earth Guardians would love to have you out to spread the word of LNT and ensure MOOP ends up in its proper place — the original owner’s hand.

We will be doing an LNT rampage daily at Flipside at 1pm.
Come spread the word and enjoy whatever camp’s hospitality we find spreading the good word of NO MOOP.

Meet up at the crossroads volunteer center (right next to Recycling – two for one, YAY!!) at 12:45.

If you can, sign up in advance at the Earth Guardian Wiki – CLICK HERE


Corn dogs and their sticks may eventually decay but they are still MOOP. Take them home with you!


This year at Flipside, the Volunteer Assistance Squad will return to help all the volunteer teams function more effectively!

NEW this year, we will also have a 311 Information Station at the Civic Center, just in case folk have burning questions that just can’t be extinguished by rumor or hearsay.

But, to bring everyone the help, we need more folk to help us!

Join our team, as we bravely seek and acquire the extra people that volunteer teams need, in real time, with our trusty megaphone!

Then, we’ll move them from here to there with our larger-than-average golf cart!

There are shifts available to help in both Volunteer Assistant and 311 Operator positions.

CLICK HERE to read more and SIGN UP today!

Come join the hottest newish team in Pyropolis, and help everyone get everything done better, faster, and squishier! This year, we’ll have more Rainbow Unicorniness than ever before!


Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs….  if YOU Help!

Howdy! Looking for a way to volunteer and help keep Flipizens safe?

The Boundaries and Safety Signage team needs you!

This is the crew that fences off the event’s perimeter, installs safety signs at Gate and Greeters, and puts up signs that warn about safety hazards.

We have to erect this stuff before participants roll in on Thursday and then we take it all down on Monday.

Contact Ronin your Safety Signage Lead (Area: Site Ops –> Safety Signs) to get “sign”ed up!

City Planning is looking for a few good burners…

Do T-stakes bring you happiness?   

Do you long for the days in the sun setting up a new fence, or maybe erecting a Posted No Dumping sign?

Can you work a power drill?  Or can you hold something still for someone working a power drill?

Or, maybe, you have a secret yearning to label underground cable because of the little flags?  

Do you want hands-on knowledge of where all the camps are before everyone else?

Can you read a map?  Can you write clearly?  Can you bend over and stick a little flag in the ground?

If you answered yes to ANY of those questions, help City Planning help you build the city!

We need volunteers to help with City Signage and Flagging all of the theme camps on-site the weekend before Flipside (May 20th).  

You MUST be on the list to gain access to the land, so if you are interested contact Emily, your City Signage Lead or Rachel your Flagging Lead with your REAL NAME.

Contact Emily your City Signage Lead (Area: City Planning –> City Signage) 

Flagging happens the weekend before Flipside, and you MUST be signed up to be on site that weekend.  Interested?  Contact Rachel The Flagging Lead™  and let her know your RealName™ and she’ll keep you up to date on the final details.
(Area: City Planning –> Flagging)

Ever wondered about who helps keep the city safe?

Are you introverted and need a little bit of time to recharge away from the big crowds?

Do you want to know how night vision works?

Come check out the Guardians Department!
Badass shirts and patches to be had if you work a couple shifts with us.

Contact Froggy at

(Area: Safety –> Guardians (perimeter))
Or our Facebook page: Guardians of Flipside 

 -Froggy, your Guardians Lead

Acquaintances!  Burners! Flipiziens!  Lend me your eyes!  

Behold below these words, the 2017 Road Direction Map!  

Well not, exactly those words, but the whole text here.

Forsooth, your eyes do not mislead you, there is something new.

For all the Pyropolis is a stage, and now it has an exit and an entrance.

And one map, in its time, has many parts

The city part, in green, holds all that is awesome to us,

And the parking part, in blue, holds our precious rides home.  

Change, befalls us all, and we will succeed in this tumultuous time.

For, we, fail?  But screw your courage to the sticking-place,

And we’ll not fail to drive on the roads in the right direction and park our cars in parking.


Okay, that last bit was a stretch.  Actually, the whole thing was bad Shakespearean yoga.  Here’s the map:

Also, you’ll get the Theme Camp Placement Map when it’s done, and not a moment sooner!