Art Safari and Virtual Flipside

Burner Art Safari

Burner Art Safari is currently being organized to host the 2nd annual event over Memorial Day weekend. Last year was completely incredible: the community set up around 50 projects in a matter of days for the art tour map for Burners and the general public to enjoy. The event was not just well loved here in Central Texas- it inspired dozens of similar events across the globe. 

We’re in the middle of making some changes to the website and organization- Art Registration will be open March 15th and will close Monday, May 25th. Sweet, sweet normalcy. There are no geographical restrictions- last year’s Safari included a piece displayed in the UK! Please feel free to panic, but joyfully. Visit the website now for general info, but come back on March 15th for the full details.

Art Grants and Support

Ignition Philter- There will be art grants!

Ignition Philter is happy to support this socially distanced art safari event. 

-$2,500 has been set aside for approximately 10 grants, with a maximum grant of $250 per project.

-The grant application is now open and will close the evening of March 31st. We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

-More information (as well as the application form) can be found here:

If you have any extra questions please email us at

Additional Support for Art Projects

The Art Projects Seeking Support page on the Burning Flipside website (normally used as a bulletin board for Flipside bound art projects, this year for projects that will be shown during the Burner Art Safari)  will be available for artists seeking support. You are welcome to share your crowdfunding links, requests for materials, (socially distanced and responsible) hands, etc. on through this resource for art you are creating for the Burner Art Safari.

Virtual Flipside

Last year there were some really fun and exciting virtual experiences. Misty and Seph helped head Flipside Minecraft and they’d like to do that again as well as expand into other virtual realms (namely Altspace, and video/audio streams).  They’re looking for digital collaborators such as:
* pre-event builders in minecraft
* streamers for sharing the digital (or physical) spaces with others
* DJs, VJs, and entertainers for shows, music, visuals, etc.
* a 3d-modeler for a few projects
* alt-space help: either a Unity dev with time to make a space, or someone with connections to find a good space
* greeters / tech-support to help new-comers learn the digital ropes
* anything and everything else digital (especially if it can be streamed as audio or video)
* admin to help monitor and highlight the central video call where video/audio feeds of all the above (and more) will coalesce.

If you are interested in participating in these efforts, please reach out via email: — subject line: “Virtual Burn”