Memorial Day 2021- pARTicipate!

No Burn? No problem! There are still plenty of ways to share your craft with the community. Have an awesome project have you been working on? Was there a cool thing you wanted to be working on? Or maybe you have a piece all dressed up with nowhere to go? You can still share it–THE TIME IS MEOW.

There are several ways to participate, so let’s do this! 

Join the Virtual Burn! This option is great for live-streams, pre-recorded videos, digital pieces, and fragile artwork. Post your sweet watercolor, stream a cool jam session, make a video of how you fold your laundry–get creative with it! Simply make and upload the thing, sign up with this handy form, and join the fun over Memorial Day Weekend!

Not sure how to participate? Find out more at the Town Hall this Saturday at 8pm:!

Can’t make the Town Hall? Information is also available through the Virtual Burn homepage:

Already know how you’d like to participate? Fill out this form!

And, finally, save the facebook event on your calendar! Do it, do it now!

Art Safari! This global self-guided art tour is open to anyone! It’s simple: make a thing, display the thing in a publicly accessible location, and reach out to the team so your art gets on the public online map. THIS EVENT IS ONGOING! You have the option to display your creativity year-round for the pleasure of the Global Burner Community. No one will kick you out on Monday! Art registration FOR the Memorial Day event will close Monday, May 25th (ah, deadlines…we missed the normalcy).

KFLiP needs YOU to put together a set. Feed the Radio Machine! Here’s a page full of info on how this works, and where you can sign up:…/13BGK…/edit…

Need some inspiration? Listen to your favorite radio station RIGHT NOW at

Additional Support for Art Projects

The Art Projects Seeking Support page on the Burning Flipside website  is currently available for artists seeking support for the Burner Art Safari. Looking to help someone? Go check it out. Want to be listed? Here you can share your crowdfunding links, requests for materials, call for hands, etc.for you Burner Art Safari project. . 

Your contribution–no matter how small or strange–is meaningful. Our community is only what we put into it. Now go and make a thing! Make two! Make ten! There are no limits. Spread the word ❤