Burner Art Safari 2020

The community provideth. As promised here’s the map for all your self-guided, socially distant, burner safari needs. Poke around, click on the “flags” for titles and details of the individual art pieces. Some pieces will be available 24/7 from Thursday May 21st to Monday morning May 25th, and some for only part of the time, have special time sensitive events listed in the notes, etc.- check out the descriptions for more info and make your plans accordingly. 

If you were hoping to participate and haven’t had a chance to “register” your art project yet (clearly visible from the street), please read the blog and complete the form. It might take a minute, but we will add your art to the map throughout the weekend. 

DO NOT Trespass– please don’t waltz on to anyone’s property uninvited. Stay in your car/on the street/sidewalk. If you happen to see someone, feel free to wave and thank ‘em- just don’t go ringing doorbells or charging them for conversation. Social distancing is important. 

DO NOT Touch The Art– This is not an invitation to go messing with people’s art. Touching other people’s stuff is not respectful and clearly not in the spirit of social distancing. 

PHOTOGRAPHY- If you see a sign near the art specifically asking you not to take pictures, don’t. 

KFLiP, The Voice of Pyropolis will be on the air for Virtual Flipside 2020! Our community has come together to create 4 days of programming, starting at Thursday Noon and going until Monday about 2pm. Catch all the shows, see the calendar of upcoming shows, and interact with the DJs at www.kflipcamp.org!

HUGE thanks to all the artists who are participating and sharing their awesome projects. You are inspiring and your efforts are so appreciated! As always, this magic couldn’t have happened without you and we are all so grateful. We are excited to be able to share a little Flipside magic with our friends and family inside and outside of the community. Happy (art) hunting! 

Please enjoy Burner Art Safari 2020- pith helmet not required but costumes always encouraged. NOTE: If you use google maps extensively, you may want to play with your layers settings. MAP MAP MAP.

Other link to map: Map