(January Announce) Tickets and Art and More – but not much more

Hullo Pyropolers! It’s (near) the beginning of the month and it’s time to make some announcements, all official-like. Perk up and pay attention for some news you can use!


Detailed instructions and info can be found at www.burningflipside.com/event/tickets

A note from your ticket lead:

No Personal Checks

It’s that time again, folks!!  That’s right!  It’s time to get your excuses for missing the Ticket Window ready!  No Personal Checks. Or, OR, maybe it’s time to plan to make the ticket window this year! (January 8 through January 29).

You will need a login to the system (secure.burningflipside.org(and complete a ticket registration). You will need a Money Order or Cashier’s Check (you can get them AT the post office!) for the ticket price, any donation to Ignition Philter*, and survival guide (if you want a hard copy).  You will need an envelope addressed to Catalyst Collective. You will NOT need a personal check. If you do it right, it takes about an hour. 

A note on decorations:

There has been an increased rate of lost or significantly delayed envelopes recently.  Please ensure your decorations aren’t so good the machines can’t read the address.

No personal checks.

Love and tickets, Ste. Michelle, Patron Saint of NO PERSONAL CHECKS.

SUPPORT THE ART! *What is the Ignition Philter? It is an organization dedicated to inspiring the flames of creative expression through small grants for artists to bring art to Burning Flipside and other burns and burn-related events and communities. Want to see more art at Burning Flipside? Add a donation to your ticket purchase. Learn more about how Ignition Philter operates at https://ignitionphilter.com/ and watch this space and that for details about how to further support and apply for artist grants.

MAKE ART NOW! Can’t wait to make art? No problem! Having just had a beautiful and successful art show at Lloyd The Warehouse, the Pyropolis Art Guild is busy planning for next one. March 3, 2024 from 2:00 – 6:00 p.m. This event is for ALL AGES!! Littles are encouraged to share their work.

No vending on site, but feel free to display/share your website/insta/store/etc for people to find you afterwards. Bringing art? Please sign up here: here. Have questions? Email art-af@burningflipside.org. See the event on the socials at here (and poste soon on a Flipside website near you)!

SPRING TOWN HALL Need more news? Come out in person to our “Spring” Town Hall, hosted by Burning Flipside’s Combustion Chamber on February 3rd! Tailgating begins at 12:00, the Meeting at 2:34.

Find out about volunteer opportunities. Meet people involved in this creative exercise we call Flipside. Get updates on this year’s event (maybe even an effigy design!) Theme camps are invited to set up for tailgating and show off show your magnificent selves! Just like Flipside, this is a Leave No Trace Event. You bring it, you pack it out. Find it on the socials here.

Art and flames (and art in flames!), Your content lead, Izzi B