Traffic Flow for 2017

Recently we talked about the new parking plan. We wanted to follow up as these changes impact more than just parking, but the whole traffic flow when entering the city.

The image above is of County Road 428 (the road you take to enter Burning Flipside). The yellow line indicates the route you take into Flipside while the red line indicates the route to parking. You may notice that the red line exits where you may be used to entering Flipside while the yellow line enters at a new location, please make sure to use the new entrance to keep traffic moving. Here is an overhead view of the same traffic pattern:

And here is a version with street signs if it helps you picture it better:

Once you have entered the property you will turn left and follow the path through the cones to gate. There you will have your ticket or in and out pass processed as usual. Once you are done at gate you will come to another fence that looks something like this:

Once through the gate labeled “Enter Pyropolis Here” you will proceed to Greeters as usual.

Then once you have completed unloading at your camp you will follow the road back to the fence pictured above, you will cross County Road 428 and come into the new parking lot.

There a helpful parking volunteer will help you find a parking spot. Once parked you will walk to the south and then pass under the Worley Bridge to bring you back to gate.