Art @Lloyd, the Warehouse

The ticket window is open (until January 29th), Spring Town Hall is coming up soon…lots of stuff is going on as our 2024 season ramps up, including a bunch of opportunities to meet with peeps and make art at Lloyd, the Warehouse!

Many of the upcoming Art Nights @Lloyd are being hosted to coincide with Church Nights, so you can get your social AND get your art on all in one go! Keep an eye out on (or subscribe to!) the calendar for the most updated goings on.

Here’s a few upcoming events…

January 24th, 8-10pm- Come Decorate Your Envelopes with frens! Envelopes with your ticket requests need to be postmarked by January 29th. This is a great opportunity to mingle!

January 31st, 8-10pm- Reuse on the Runway Fashion Discussion. Meet and join other burners interested in planning for and participating in the Austin Creative Reuse annual Reuse on the Runway fashion show!

February 3rd, 2:34-5:30pm- Spring Town Hall! Leads from the art department will be out to answer questions, cheerlead your project and looking for volunteers!

February 7th, 8-10pm- Valentines for Strangers! There will be some base supplies, but feel to bring more for you and/or to share. Make a stranger’s day!

March 3rd, 2-6pm- Spring Art Show at Lloyd. It’s totally great to pARTicipate by sharing your art with the community, and also just being there to cheer on the art. Find details in the January Announce.

As you can see- there’s a lot going on! More fun events at Lloyd are being added all the time. And we invite you to be here for it all:

New here and feeling a little overwhelmed? Check out the Flipside for Newcomers page.

See you soon! Happy arting!