February 2017 Flipside Flame


Hello!  Welcome to the first Flipside Flame of 2017!

The Flipside Flame is brought to you approximately once each month by your Content Lead, and is an easy place to learn about things related to Burning Flipside that may be happening before, during, and sometimes even after the event. If you (YES, YOU!) have articles you’d like to submit for publication, please head over to the Flipside Flame/Announce Submission form and fire it off.

I hope to have an edition of the Flipside Flame out each month around mid-month.
Help me help you by getting your submissions in about a week before.

A Word from City Planning:


Ste. Michelle, Patron Saint of Brevity

City Planning Admin

Greetings SuperDuperFantastic Volunteers!

First Work Weekend is coming up!

Are you ready to help make the land ready for Flipside?


Then come join the team during the Work Weekends that lead up to the event.   Work Weekends are a chance to get involved in cleaning, clearing, and prepping the site as well as a great opportunity to meet and get to know others who love to be a part of this part of making the city go!

This first WW we will be doing a lot of ground clearing, dead limb removal, etc. There is going to be some fun with roads as well.

Important Work Weekend Tips

  • Wear long sleeves, a hat with a brim, gloves, sturdy shoes, sunblock.
  • If you’re there, you’ll be contributing to the work in some way. Don’t worry, there’s
    plenty of work for folks of all skills levels. In fact, if you want to learn to do something you’ve not
    done before, we’ll help you learn how. Some tools are supplied, but feel free to bring your own
    favorite shovel, loppers, saw, etc.
  • Fun Swag for all! Please bring an item such as a shirt, tank top or jacket on which you can silk screen the Dirty Worker Burning Flipside Logo.


  • Work Weekends are campouts, however, you are not required to stay overnight.  You may come for just a day.
  • If you come out to participate, please remember — the MOST important thing is getting work done.
  • NO DOGS on site during work weekends.
  • Work weekends are self- sustaining just like the event so bring plenty of food and water.
  • As always, of course, Leave No Trace.
  • There is a smoker on site, and we will be cooking some meat. Please bring a side or snack to share.
  • It may be cold the first couple of work weekends – bring warm clothes and plenty of blankets if you’re staying overnight or you will be very uncomfortable.
  • Oh, and as long as we are allowed, we will burn limbs and have a fire at night.

All work weekends start at 6pm on Friday, and everyone has to be off the land by 5pm on Sunday.

Directions to the land are on the website. Click here for directions!
There will be signs to show you the entrance.

PLAN AHEAD for future Work Weekend Opportunities!

  • Work Weekend 1: Feb 24-26
  • Work Weekend 2: Mar 24-26
  • Work Weekend 3: Apr 21-23
  • Work Weekend 4: May 5-7
    (*****ONLY those who attended WWs 1, 2 and/or 3 may attend WW4****)

Signup is below. Let us know if you are coming!
You may not be allowed on the property unless you have signed up on the spreadsheet below or with Saraphina or Shortcake before the work weekend.


For more information or just have a question, you can contact Saraphina directly at

A Slightly More Than One Word Announcement from City Planning:

Theme camp registration is up and running!  Visit secure.burningflipside.com and LOGIN to register your theme camp.  Registration closes at the end of March!  As they say, BEWARE THE ENDS OF MARCH!

Ste. Michelle, Patron Saint of Preferring the Ends of Marches

City Planning Admin

Guardians of the Galaxy!   (or at least of our fair city)

Ever wondered about who helps keep the city safe?

Are you introverted and need a little bit of time to recharge away from the big crowds?

Do you want to know how night vision works?

Come check out the Guardians Department!
Badass shirts and patches to be had if you work a couple shifts with us.

Contact Froggy at


Area: Safety –> Guardians (perimeter)

Or our Facebook page
-Froggy, your Guardians Lead

Art Registration and Mutant Vehicle Registration are OPEN

Want to make ART?
Art that burns?
Art that’s mobile?

Check out the Art Registration page for details about Art Cars and Burnable Art and some great pointers about burning or driving your creations.

A Full-Length Announcement from City Planning complete with Actual Humor™ and Relevant Information™

Do you want to bring your theme camp to Flipside and be placed in the perfect, bestest spot ever?!!??!!
City Planning can help!  We love when a plan comes together, and the BEST way this city’s plan comes together is when all the theme camps register their camps with all the right information and the earlier the better!!

How can you help us help you?

Step One: Start Early.  Get your camp together and have a sit down and figure out what you’re doing now, rather than later.  It’ll be fun!  I mean, these are your campmates.  You probably like hanging out with them.

Step Two: Plan to Register Early.  Life happens.  I know it, you know it, we all know it.  And life always happens when you’d rather it not.   And it’s so gonna happen the day you wanted to register.  If you plan on waiting until March 31st to register, life will happen all over the place.  So, plan to register way before that!  Because: Life.

Step Three: Have Backup!  Spread the love!  Make sure more than one person has the information needed to register the camp.  That way when the person that’s gonna do it suddenly gets called away to Reykjavik to reykjawork, you’re still covered!  If you’re lucky, something like this will happen:

      Back-up: I noticed that you haven’t registered the camp, yet.

Main Person:  Well it’s February 20th, we have some time.

Back-up:  Well, if you’re swamped I can do it.

Main Person:  I’m not swamped.  I can do it.

Back-up:  Maybe I want to do it more

Main Person:  NO! I WANNA!

Back-up:  ME!

(Three minutes later)

Main Person:  DONE!  Submitted

Back-up:  Kewl.  One less thing to do.

To read more about Theme Camps and registration for them, CLICK HERE.
After reading, click on the OPEN link, login, and click on “Theme Camp, Art Project, Art Car, and Event Registration”

Need help?  Contact Bonnie, your Theme Camp Liaison at: https://www.burningflipside.com/contact

Area: City Planning –> Theme Camp Liasion

Registration closes at the end of March. BEWARE THE ENDS OF MARCH!!

Ste. Michelle, Patron Saint of Fighting Over Administrative Work

City Planning Admin

Church Nights at the Warehouse

Church Night is a weekly gathering to work on projects large and small, and to socialize. Church Nights are every Wednesday (more or less) starting around 7:30 at the Warehouse. Church Nights are Leave No Trace events!


The Effigy means many things to many people, but to the Design and Fabrication Team (DaFT), it means “If you build it, it will burn!” If you’re interested in learning more, check out Church Nights each Wednesday for people in the know.

CC Meetings

The Combustion Chamber is an advisory committee to the Austin Artistic Reconstruction LLC to facilitate community input & transparency for the policy-making process and organization of burn community events. The next CC Meeting is February 24, starting at 7:42 pm at the Flipside Warehouse.
Who Can/Should Attend: You! If you care about the event and especially if you care about any of these topics you should come to discuss them.

Why this matters: The CC provides advice to the LLC. The LLC provides the overall direction and policy guidance that end up making the event happen. The topics discussed at this meeting may have a direct impact on you during the actual Flipside event and/or at the AAR, LLC warehouse.

CC meetings are a great way to stay informed about what’s happening in our community. Meeting minutes will be posted as they are received

The CC will inform the community of any location changes or topic changes as quickly as possible. Please join us at the Warehouse or send us your input at


Other Contacts –>Combustion Chamber

February 24, 2017  CC Meeting topics:
– Mentoring & support for leaders
– Spring Town Hall purpose/mission
– Future Spring Town Hall dates


Austin/TX Art Opportunities!

XTC here, your new Art Liason! I’m here to highlight opportunities for our artists to engage with the larger community.

I and the Burning Flipside LLC are NOT affiliated with these organizations.

Current Opportunities:

Application Deadline: February 17th  (TODAY).
The West Austin Studio Tour is now holding their open call for artists. You do have to show at a studio within the West boundaries. http://west.bigmedium.org/participate.html

Application Deadline: October 25th.
Artspace is holding an open call for Texas artists. The prize is a year long residency in San Antonio. Along with living and working quarters, all residents receive travel expenses, a living stipend, and a materials budget.

Application Deadline: March 6th
Man is asking for proposals for Pavilion Shrines and Processionals. They are looking to grant a maximum of $2500 for each project.

City Signage!

Do you want to help name the roads?
Visit the *Unofficial* Flipside Flipizens Facebook group to help select the street names!  Look for a post from our City Signage Lead, Emily.

Not on Facebook?
Have a very good reason to object to Unofficial Flipside Flipiziens Facebook group?

Contact Emily at
Area: City Planning –> City Signage
with your road name suggestion!

Remember, this process is designed to be 100% fair and objective, just like the theme selection process.
Wait, no, it’s designed to be fun and silly and quit taking it so seriously (!!), and you can find me at Flipside at the end of the road I’ve named “4:15 and Esplanade” to discuss.

Ste Michelle,  Patron Saint of February’s Flame, Apparently

City Planning Admin

Flipside Flame January 2017


We interrupt your usual awareness to bring you the following Flame!

There are a couple of time-sensitive things you should know about, so read on…

Stay tuned to the Flipside Flame, the Announce email list, and the official Burning Flipside Facebook Page. Remember, if you have something you’d like to contribute to the Flame or Announce, use Flipside Flame/Announce Submission page to send it in. Announce tends to be at the beginning of the month, and Flames usually get published around the middle of the month. Get me the info at least a week before then, and I’ll do my best to get your contribution included.


Ticket Window Closing FRIDAY

The official ticket window closes January 20, 2017. If you haven’t created a profile for yourself yet, go and get one at profiles.burningflipside.com. After you have your profile completed (or if you have one already), got to secure.burningflipside.com to find the Ticket Request/Transfer link.

FINAL Call for Sticket Designs

Would you like free tickets to Flipside 2017: Unicorns vs. Rainbows: The Reckoning?

And did you know that designing the ticket or the sticker is actually the only way to get free tickets to Flipside?!? Leads, volunteers, even LLC members, pay for their tickets.

Design the Flipside ticket or sticker and submit your design today!  The person who submits the winning STICKER design will get TWO free tickets to Flipside 2017. The person who submits the winning TICKET design will also receive TWO free tickets to Flipside 2017.

Keep in mind all designs must be original. No clip art, and no copy written material may be used. The designs can be created digitally or by hand.

So break out your pen, marker, crayon or stylus and get the ideas flowing.  Hand-drawn submissions are perfectly fine, but must be delivered before the deadline: 10 pm Monday January 30, 2017.

Submit your designs or any questions at https://www.burningflipside.com/contact

We will positively confirm every submission we receive, so if you do not receive a confirmation within a few days, please email us back, and we will confirm receipt.

Please do not post or display your Ticket or Sticker design anywhere else until after the contest ends.  (The artist for the winning ticket design will be asked to refrain from posting it anywhere until after the event.)

Burning Flipside will do its best to include all submitted designs, in some form of hype, the survival guide, or the website, so your art should get seen.  When you submit you are implicitly giving permission for us to use your design – on the ticket or sticker, on the Burning Flipside website, or in the Survival Guide. If for some reason you do not want to give this permission, please specify that when you submit. Also please indicate how you would like your art to be credited.

TICKET Design Details

Please include the following information within your Ticket design:



Keep these things in mind:

  • Artwork should be 2.375 x 4.375 inches.
  • 1/8 inch all around WILL BE CUT OFF creating a final size of 2.125 x 4.125 – this extra space is called bleed.
  • Artwork should be CMYK.
  • Artwork should be supplied at 100% as either vector based art (illustrator or freehand) or at 300dpi if it is a Photoshop file.
  • If Photoshop – .tif, .eps, .psd and .jpeg files are preferred.  Please save jpeg files with “maximum quality”.

Tips for successful reproduction of your design:

  •  You must pay attention to specs, or you could be disqualified.
  • Do not place text too close to the edge of your design. It should be 1/8″ in on either side once the artwork is trimmed. Pick fonts that will be easy to read and try to not use a font that is really thin on a dark background. It will “plug-up” and be hard to read.
  • Do not get too complex, it is often easier to create artwork at a larger size and reduce it down. Keep in mind what it will look like at the smaller size.
  • If you create your art in layers, be sure and save that layered file just in case the printer needs anything altered – this will make it easier on them and you.

STICKER Design Details

Please include at least the following information within your Sticker design:

  • Flipside 2017

Tips for successful reproduction of your design:

  • Submit in black and white (or another color and white). But not multiple colors for the sticker.
  • Sticker Art should cover a 2.5″ circle at 300dpi.
  • Make your design simple! Intricate and super-fine lines (less than 1-pt) tend to dry up in the screen and will not show up on the sticker. For your reference, 1pt lines are roughly the same size as what a medium ball point pen will draw.  It is a good idea to keep important elements of your artwork at least 1/8″ from the edge of the sticker to allow for cutting. Serifed fonts can be a nightmare – especially at small point sizes. Set all type to at LEAST 10 points.
  • In the past we’ve only printed black and white stickers.  Grayscale or gradients are a real pain and don’t print very well, so try to stick to solid colors.  If you want to submit a two or three color image, that’s fine and it will be reviewed, but (depending on cost) it may end up being converted into black and white.  All halftones are screened at 55 lpi.

Have fun! good luck! We look forward to seeing the designs as they come in.  It is an incredible outpouring from this intensively creative community! It’s a pleasure to serve as your STicket team.

If you have any questions, just let us know at


Your Flipside 2017 Sticker/Ticket Selection Team

Combustion Chamber Updates

The Combustion Chamber recently put out a call for new members, and we have one nominee. We’d love community feedback on our candidate! If you know them, or you’ve worked with them before, feel free to tell us what your experiences with them are, and whether or not you’d feel comfortable with them representing your community — Our Community.


The candidate is:

Kim Hopson

We’ll be accepting feedback until 11:59pm on Monday, January 23rd.
The Combustion Chamber advocates for the Burning Flipside community and its principles in creating policy recommendations & by fostering an open forum to exchange ideas and information between Austin Artistic Reconstruction, LLC and the community at large.Our thanks for your insight,
The Combustion Chamber AND

The final January CC meeting of 2017 is coming up.

The Combustion Chamber is an advisory committee to the Austin Artistic Reconstruction LLC to facilitate community input & transparency for the policy-making process and organization of burn community events. CC meetings each start at 7:42 pm at the Warehouse. Special topics are as follows:

Jan 23:


  • Town Hall Walkthrough 
    • Review the Spring Town Hall agenda and the committed speakers
    • Identify any last-minute action items that need to be resolved

Do you have a topic you believe the community needs to discuss?
Please send suggestions at

Please keep in mind that we discuss community and policy issues, not operational ones.

Leave No Trace – Keeping Flipside MOOP-free

Hello from the 2016 Burning Flipside Clean Up Lead! As part of our Leave No Trace beliefs and desires to maintain a sustainable event, we create a MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) map to provide to the community an account of how we did.

I am happy to say that as usual, we did a good job overall at leaving the land a better place than we found it.

Because 2016 Clean Up operations were delayed due to weather, a complete accounting could not be accomplished in full at that time.  Thus, the Flipside 2016 MOOP Map was produced.  On Tuesday, May 31st, 2016, the day after Memorial Day 2016, the Cleanup Lead took a long walk in sweeping patterns across the land with a laminated city planning map, markers, pen, and paper.   Every time he saw MOOP, he marked its approximate location on the map, and then logged the approximate location’s grid coordinate/camp number, and brief description of the item.  The results of this are presented here.

Each yellow dot on the MOOP map represents one item found and one row in the spreadsheet describing that item.  There is one red dot in area P6, next to the Oxbow Lake, that represents what appeared to be a Black Water dump by a rental RV.

Again, due to the incomplete accounting, a yellow dot does not mean that a camp performed LNT poorly, simply that a MOOP item was located there. As we could not determine at that time if any one piece of MOOP was an outlier or an indication of overall lack of cleanup, and in order to make the process equitable to all, it was decided to simply mark each individual item that was found.

Even though we did a good job with LNT this year, it is apparent that we can do more. This is an early call for volunteers for Cleanup in 2017.

There are some cleanup tasks to do before Flipside 2017.

  1. Re-evaluate locations on 2016 MOOP Map for long term effect.
  2. Perform line sweeps at work weekend to determine if items were missed.

If you have any interest in helping during Burning Flipside 2017, please contact Xander at

Spring Town Hall: Unicorns Vs. Rainbows: The Reckoning

Greetings Flipizens!

The Combustion Chamber would like to invite you to the Burning Flipside Spring-ish Town Hall! We’re shaking things up a bit again, and we hope you’ll like what we’ve done with the place.

Saturday, February 4th, at Lloyd the Burning Flipside Warehouse, 3106 Industrial Terrace. Tailgating starts at noon; Town Hall will start at 2:34 p.m.

Want to help make Town Hall go? Show up at eleven to help get things prepped and ready.

This year’s Town Hall will continue to use our New-ish and Improveder model. Time focused on the main stage will be short, roughly 30-45 minutes, including a presentation from our new DaFT lead.

We will continue to have booths set up for AAR LLC, The CC, our Area Facilitators, and Leads, and encourage each of you to interact with them to find out the information relevant to your Burning Flipside experience. Have a question about the budget? Go to the AAR, LLC booth and ask it! Want more information on volunteering for Parking? Go find the Genesis table and learn what you
need to know!

Theme camps are invited to come bring out their special brand of awesome tomfoolery beginning at noon.

Dress up, be fabulous, shake the winter off you, and learn about (and join!) the various departments that help make your event so marvelous.

Our Best,
The Combustion Chamber

Come see your friends, make some new ones, and learn all the ways you can participate.

Spread the Word! Tell Your Friends! Notify Your Camp mates!

Spring Town Hall
Saturday, February, 4, 2017
At Lloyd the Warehouse
3106 Industrial Terrace
Austin, TX 78758