Spring Town Hall: Feb 21 2015

Spring Town Hall will take place starting at 12:00pm on Saturday February
21, 2015 at the Flipside Warehouse, 1023 Springdale Rd. Austin, TX 78721.

Meeting/Tailgating starts at noon! We will have booths set up for you to
meet our awesome Area Facilitators and Leads,
find out what they do, and sign up to volunteer for Flipside 2015.

We will have passports again this year! You will be able to take them
around to the booths and get them stamped, and after you have volunteered
(signed up for a shift) at the event, come to the CC booth for some schwag!
We love our volunteers as you are the core of Flipside and we couldn’t do
it without you!

The business part of the meeting (announcements) will start at 2:34pm. The
agenda is as follows (subject to change):

  • Welcome
  • AAR Update
  • Tickets
  • DaFT
  • Volunteering
  • Dates announced for Work Weekends, Theme Camp Registration and Rolling Road
  • Shows
  • Community Announcements

Looking forward to seeing all you Wizards there! Carpool if you can!

Spring Town Hall
Saturday Sept. 21, 2014
Flipside Warehouse
1023 Springdale Rd
Austin, TX 78721

CC meeting 26 January 2015

COMBUSTION CHAMBER MEETING: Monday, January 26, 2015


Attendees (26): Chim-Chim, Izzi, Princess, TurtleBunnie, Pixie, Decibel, Breezy, Charlcye, Doryan, Problem, Adam, Beth, Wrinn, Kano, Prost, Clovis, Monkey, Lori, Psyche, Ben, Erica, Mulch, Kat, Key, Nova, David


LLC Update (Adam, Patrick)

  • LLC Retreat happened. Rules are dumb.
  • Announce list changes; now going out 1x/month. Contact content lead Susan Shelton to get into the monthly announce email. If not announce, will roll over into the Flipside Flame.
  • New website needs photos. Contact Yertle to submit your photos, subject to the Media Use Agreement which reserves as many rights as possible for the artist. Artwork will not be used for any commercial purpose.
  • Landowner meeting. Finalized Work Weekend Dates:
    • WW I: Feb 27-Mar 1
    • WW II: Mar 20-22
    • WW III: Apr 10-12
    • WW IV: May 1-3
  • Mass Gathering Permit Application dropped off. Hearing date will occur before ticketing this year.
  • DaFT Lead selected: Caleb will be building a wizard; More info will be presented at the upcoming Town Hall.

8:07pm Regional Update (No RC’s present)

  • Ticket info has gone out
  • Car passes are up to $50/each, don’t buy one unless you need it, there are plenty aftermarket
  • Regional Conference scheduled 2nd weekend in April

8:07pm AF Updates (Wrinn)

  • Stephy/city planning looking into expanding 4-5 acres of camping space into the corral.
  • Gathering volunteer force, identifying critical volunteers
  • Burn scar from last year completely grown over

Topic: Town Hall (Pixie)

  • 1/3 of warehouse will be taken up by DaFT lumber
  • Decibel & Pixie producing Town Hall this year.
  • Nobodobodobon will MC.
  • Emily’s ordering Porta Potties & working with Mercedes on setup/breakdown/parking
  • Need volunteers to help with setup, breakdown, parking
  • Breezy will work CC booth
  • Henry will be time keeper
  • Breezy will work CC booth
  • Agenda
    • 11:00 Setup
    • 12:00 Tailgating
    • 2:34 Meeting Starts
    • Welcome, Pledge, LNT Announce
    • AAR Update
    • Tickets
    • DaFT
    • Volunteering
    • Dates for Work Weekends, Theme Camp Registration, Rolling Roadshows
    • Benediction (Go forth and sign up to volunteer for something.)
    • Community Announcements
    • (Burners Without Borders?)
  • Assign CC Members to AFs
    • Art (.E) : Monkey
    • City Planning (Stephy) : Beth
    • Safety (Mark) : Breezy
    • Site Signoff (Wrinn) : TurtleBunnie
    • Communications (Russ) : Pixie
    • 360 (?) : Kate
    • Site Prep (Casey Schmit, aka “Pookie Bear”) : Psyche
    • VC (Gyesika) : Decible
  • Each AF, Tinderbox, etc will have half a 10×20 booth, same as last year– AI: Pixie to ping everyone to see how much space they need.
  • We’ll do passports again. Have stamps from last year. AI:Pixie will make buttons.

Topic: Ticket Update (Lori)

  • Awesome FAQ posted online. Short version at http://burningflipside.com/event/tickets
  • 1897 requests for 3096 tickets. Down by 30 requests from last year.
  • Some bugs in the system, quickly addressed by Problem
  • Cheyne running not not bob’s list this year
  • Mailing out survival guides in March, maybe from fulfilment center
  • Will still get tickets at the gate. Participants need to have a physical ticket in the event that you either lose your wristband or need in’s and out’s from the gate. Ticket stubs will be used for auditing number in attendance of event.
  • Every ticket represents a place in the system.

8:44pm Topic: CC Notification of Cancellation or Moving (Beth)

How much notice do we need to give the community if we decide to

  • Change meeting location due to weather: EOB on Friday
  • Cancel a meeting: EOB on Friday
  • Change topics for the meeting: 1 week (prior Monday)
    Motion passes: Meeting topics will be confirmed by Monday prior to the meeting and notice of cancellation or location change will be sent by Friday at close of business day central time.

Future Topic: Adult Camps location.

  • Izzi is the liaison for city planning, so she can talk after the meeting.
  • Want to address before placement.
  • AI: Izzi to check with Stephy to see if Feb 9th will work; if not, will propose a new date. Will coordinate with community members present today.

Next Meeting:

Chim Chim


  • Town Hall runthrough
  • Respect (Doug)



Minutes transcribed by Charlcye and Chim-Chim

CC meeting 5 January 2015


Attendees (17)
Problem, Izzi, Adam, Princess, Gyseka, Decibel, Pixie, Kate, Clovis, Prost, Okano, Ren, Bonobo, Beth, Chim-Chim, Turtlebunnie


LLC UPDATE (Problem)

  • Ticket pricing has been announced
  • Land recon this weekend; All leads are invited; Objective: Discuss what to do, with possibility of expanding the coral area
  • Rezoning with the warehouse has gone through; Lease is valid through April; Confirmation has been requested for pricing
  • Explanation of increase on ticket pricing
    • In November, we [LLC] got together to lock in budgets, then scramble to get AFs in
    • In December, messages were being sent to everyone
    • This year is odd—In the last few years, there has been a written message to CC saying this is what is happening
    • This year, we were stacked making sure the website, new ticket system, Leads, LLC were ready
    • Message was sent via message in email which was the only way to get the message out
    • As for price, there were (3) things to satisfy: 1) Meet budget; 2) Plan for certain amount 3) Lock in rate for a while
      • We [LLC] were looking at $100.00 pricing, trying to figure out the real dollar value plus good stewardship of money (tax included); the 11th dollar ($) is good for (3) years
  • Teen tickets have been sold as adult tickets for forever

8:19pm REGIONAL UPDATE (Clovis)

  • Discussion over letter from Jim Tannenbaum (sp?)
    • Response on regionals list has been less than enthusiastic
    • Responsible for ‘Caravansary’
    • Post is on the Burning Man website and Burning Man blog
  • Will-call fiasco
  • GLC (Global Leadership Conference) has been set
    • Less than firm date
    • May be changing venues
    • Do NOT book airfare
  • Everyone’s gearing up for a theme
  • If applying for an art grant, should have gone out by the 19th
  • Next up: C.O.R.E./Souk notifications

8:25pm AF UPDATES (Kano)

  • Gearing up to shift focus to volunteers, reminding them to send a ticket request, register, and pay
  • Discussion over land recon; Looking for potential new spots
  • AF meeting Thursday, January 15
    • Will be discussing Town Hall with shift booth model; Need to discuss with AFs; If they (AFs) do not like booths, then will discuss at the next meeting


  • Post-burn last year, there were only (3) rangers (Needs to be in groups of TWO)
  • Discussion on how to incentivize in the community to get key people to cover our asses better after the Burn; Discussion of greeters on Burn day
  • There is a difference between POLICY and OPERATIONAL; We [LLC/CC] are not here to tell them [Rangers] how to do it; It’s a COMMUNICATION issue…a conduit between the community and LLC; It’s up to the LLC and AFs to decide how to run shifts; As a communication problem, we need to raise this issue
  • It’s everywhere, especially in leadership roles where AFs may want to step down
  • Throw it out to the community—If we can’t have a safe Burn, it falls back on them; Should be a TOPIC at TOWN HALL; Should be on WEBSITE; Publicize need
  • (2) ways to incentivize: The carrot and the stick—We carrot the hell out of volunteering; The community has nonverbally spoken; If the community doesn’t step up, then that’s the stick
  • Greeters and the Safety team are equally as important; A conversation on Safety Teams needs to happen sooner
  • Not an impossible problem, but a problem solving itself
    • We have been funding more time, money, staff
    • We have seen an increase of new people and those from other regionals
    • We need to make sure we are ready to get more people in there for Safetycide
    • As soon as more key staffing levels kick in, then we can incrementally grow
    • We can’t prime down the pump until we hold numbers; Budget has increased
    • Topic is about certified goals
    • For Burn night, it’s All-Hands-On-Deck for LLC—there to help Rangers and all do their job
    • It’s right to have CC come in and fill in gaps
    • We should support other Burn events
  • There is an important difference between Safety and the rest
    • We have kept the Gate shut when we didn’t have Greeters and Parking up-to-speed
    • If we don’t have enough Safety [personnel], we encourage people to sign up
  • Volunteer training will happen again this year
    • 6hrs after the Burn are CRITICAL
    • CC shouldn’t fix problem [of understaffing] by volunteering for that shift
    • Discussion: If you don’t want to do it, why?
    • Issue: People volunteering onfor that shift have already done other shifts; They are already burned out; Must encourage people to volunteer to balance staffing levels


  • There is NO ‘QUID PRO QUO’ for tickets
    • People should give of themselves
    • Everyone knows when they are going to leave [volunteering] and come back and kick ass accordingly
    • Burn needs more cool people
    • Youngsters don’t know that; Hope is, they’ll figure it out; It’s all logistical
    • We do NOT want to do ‘quid pro quo’
    • There is plenty of schwag
    • Utopia event gave discounted tickets for participation in advance, and had a 60% failure rate; Hesitant to even start [considering quid pro quo]; Issue is Privilege vs. Entitlement; It’s easy to show up and do nothing; Many more ways than giving out monetary gain
  • AI: Communicate to let people know to step up


Next CC meeting
Town Hall
Ticket Update
CC notification of cancellation or moving (Beth)
Town Hall run-through; Respect (Doug)
Town Hall wrap-up; Survival Guide language (Problem)
Arts Fest—Maybe similar to EAST (Kate)
Combustion Chamber term limits (Doug)
Recycling (Pixie)
Flipside without a Burn (Prost)
Cultural Appropriation (Bonobo)
CC retreat (Kate)
Volunteering (Kate)

New Town Hall Producer: Pixie




Ticket requests are open for Flipside 2015

Ticket requests are open as of January 7.

To create a ticket request, go to profiles.burningflipside.com to create an account, if you haven’t already. Then go to secure.burningflipside.com and click on “ticket registration/transfer,” then create your ticket request.

You will receive a PDF by mail (you can also download it from the website). Print that out and send it in with your money order or cashier’s check.

Requests must be postmarked no earlier than January 7 and no later than January 22.

For more information, see the Ticket FAQ

Sticket Design Contest 2015

Hey Flipizens!

Would you like two free tickets to Burning Flipside 2015: The Wizards of Odd?

And did you know that designing the ticket or the sticker is actually the only way to get TWO free tickets to Flipside?!? Leads, volunteers, even LLC members, pay for their tickets.

Design the Flipside ticket or sticker and submit your design today! The person who submits the winning STICKER design will get TWO free tickets to Flipside 2015. The person who submits the winning TICKET design will also receive TWO free tickets to Flipside 2015.

IMPORTANT NOTE THIS YEAR: Keep in mind that all designs must be original. No clip art, and positively no copywritten material may be used. The designs can be created digitally or by hand.

So break out your pen, marker, crayon or stylus and get the ideas flowing. Hand-drawn submissions are perfectly fine, but must be delivered before the deadline: 10 pm Friday January 30, 2015.

Submit your designs or any questions to Rufus at


We will positively confirm every submission we receive, so if you do not receive a confirmation within a few days, please email us back, and we will confirm receipt.

Burning Flipside will do its best to include all submitted designs, in some form of hype, the survival guide, or the website, so your art should get seen. When you submit you are implicitly giving permission for us to use your design(s) on the ticket or sticker, on the Burning Flipside website, or in the Survival Guide. If for some reason you do not want to give this permission, please specify that when you submit. Also please indicate how you would like your art to be credited.

TICKET Design Details:

Please include the following information within your Ticket design:

  • Burning Flipside
  • The Wizards of Odd
  • May 21-25, 2015
  • www.burningflipside.com

Please do not post or display your ticket design anywhere else until after the contest ends. (The artist for the winning ticket design will be asked to refrain from posting it anywhere until after the event.)

  • Artwork should be 2.375 x 4.375 inches.
  • 1/8 inch all around WILL BE CUT OFF creating a final size of 2.125 x 4.125 – this extra space is called bleed.
  • Artwork should be CMYK.
  • Artwork should be supplied at 100% as either vector based art (illustrator or freehand) or at 300dpi if it is a Photoshop file.
  • If Photoshop – .tif, .eps, .psd and .jpeg files are preferred. Please save jpeg files with “maximum quality”.

Tips for successful reproduction of your design:

  • Do not place text too close to the edge of your design. It should be 1/8″ in on either side once the artwork is trimmed. Pick fonts that will be easy to read and try to not use a font that is really thin on a dark background. It will “plug-up” and be hard to read.
  • Do not get too complex, it is often easier to create artwork at a larger size and reduce it down. Keep in mind what it will look like at the smaller size.
  • If you create your art in layers, be sure and save that layered file just in case the printer needs anything altered — this will make it easier on them and you.

STICKER Design Details:

Please include at least the following information within your Sticker design:

  • Flipside 2015


  • Sticker Art should cover a 2.5″ circle at 300dpi.
  • Make your design simple! Intricate and super-fine lines (less than 1-pt) tend to dry up in the screen and will not show up on the sticker. For your reference, 1pt lines are roughly the same size as what a medium ball point pen will draw. It is a good idea to keep important elements of your artwork at least 1/8″ from the edge of the sticker to allow for cutting. Serifed fonts can be a nightmare — especially at small point sizes. Set all type to at LEAST 10 points.
  • In the past we’ve only printed black and white stickers. Grayscale or gradients are a real pain and don’t print very well, so try to stick to solid colors. If you want to submit a two or three color image, that’s fine and it will be reviewed, but (depending on cost) it may end up being converted to black and white. All halftones are screened at 55 lpi.

We look forward to seeing the designs as they come in. It is an incredible outpouring from this intensively creative community! It’s a pleasure to serve as your sticket team.

If you have any questions, just let us know.


Your Flipside 2015 Sticker/Ticket Selection Team,

Rufus + SuzyQ

CC meeting 3 November 2014

  • ATTENDEES: Doug, Princess, Mark, Decibel, Turtlebunnie, Pixie, Katie, Izzi,
    Problem, Chim-Chim, Henry, Monkey, Bonobo, Clovis
  • Facilitator: Doug
  • Stack: Turtlebunnie
  • Scribe: Chim-Chim



  • AAR/LLC is continuing to look for potential warehouses
  • Budget meeting scheduled for November 18 and 20 (Review w/ AF’s)
  • Mass Gathering Permit is currently being processed, with hopes of getting the application done by the end of the month; Review of permit takes up to 35 days; First year application was performed in March; Last year’s application was performed in February

8:08pm AF UPDATE

  • AF’s performed a Leads rodeo with few unfilled/uncertain positions remaining
  • No official date for announcement of Leads has been set
  • AAR will review liability Leads; AF contacts will be informed tonight; Confirmation with nominees will be executed; Announcement of Leads will be scheduled upon completion
  • Planning and Budget meeting scheduled for November 20
  • Approximately 69 Leads have been accounted for (Same approximate number as last year)
  • Regional Outreach position has been reactivated
  • Definition of ‘Leads Rodeo’: Process by which CC announces Lead positions are open; Community is encouraged to nominate others/themselves for positions



  • 15 different agencies have been contacted to host a conversation over racism
  • The CC needs someone trained in facilitating the conversation; However, the agencies don’t do it much anymore; The working model has shifted; The CC can hire a professor, but doing so doesn’t meet the community’s needs; What organizations want is for community members (of the Burner community) to send people for training in race facilitation for the organization
  • Other agencies will do a systematic analysis
  • Getting someone to come out to speak has been difficult; However, the CC has been able to find people who have interesting pullout pieces of interest of diversity, in general (People who have similar instances of cultural appropriation)
  • What needs to happen next/What does the CC want versus what does the CC get?
  • Discussion over calendaring: Look into March 2015; Pull 2-3 evenings
  • Discussion over what do we need, and how we should go about it
  • Possible speakers: Discussion of Martin Snowden’s Forgiveness Project: Using a personal approach instead of a theoretical approach; Scott Howser (sp.) grew up in South Africa in apartheid; Excellent resource to share story
  • Possible speakers: Professor of diversity at St. Edwards with a decent introduction to ‘white privilege’
  • Possible speakers: Professor of African history
  • Calendaring: CC interested in picking a topic to discuss every Thursday night
  • Discussion over racism versus conflict management and what distinguishes between the two; Also, discussion on respect and effective communication
  • CC feels it is important to discuss and appropriate to do as an ongoing conversation, answering the questions: How do we perform better online communication (besides Facebook) and still carry forward a constructive conversation? Why can’t CC make a post about racism? The problem is—do we want to dictate right or wrong to the community?
  • Motion proposed and seconded: Based on availability, schedule Thursday nights in February/March 2015 for the discussion and sharing of topics related to racism (within the first quarter of 2015) at the warehouse; Motion PASSED
  • AI: Reach out to community for additional participation and information given to individuals on topic of racism; Create sub-committee that can make decisions (based on availability); Discuss with LLC on funding speakers; Pixie volunteers to work with sub-committee; Bean has also shown interest in helping; Katie shows interest in helping


  • Motion proposed and seconded: Table discussion to another time; Motion PASSED
  • Motion to move topic of whipped cream: Topic has been rescheduled to Monday, December 1, 2015
  • Future CC topics of discussion: 11/17: Do we still want a warehouse? Communications; Spring Town Hall date; 12/1: Cultural respect; 12/15: Safety; 1/5: Moving east till next calendar session; Move east date 12/1
  • AI: Hand-held laser use: Move to get it calendared; CC considers this more of a community-oriented conversation; There currently is a need for discussion over the dangers in the use of lasers


  • Facilitator: Henry
  • Stack: Pixie
  • Scribe: Chim-Chim