March 2018 Flamnounce!!

March 2018 Flamnounce!

Welcome to the March 2018 Flame and Announce Combo!

Important Dates:

In This Issue:

  • Obligatory Self Promotion
  • All the Registrations!
  • Get your VAS on with Peep!!
  • DaFT needs You!  And your (very specific) Junk!  And your Art!  And your Brain!
  • March your Lions through Theme Camp Registration!
  • Guardians have the best toys.
  • Work a weekend with Saraphina!!
  • Don’t Diss My Info!
  • Dahling explains why you, YES YOU, are important!!
  • Stay Cool at Flipside with Ice.
  • Say, “Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!” like that guy in the commercials!
  • How to Be a Greeter!
  • The Combustion Chamber needs tending!
  • NO Recycling at Flipside
  • PETs share their secrets!!
  • Contemplate how satisfied Pyropolis is with your entering and withdrawal.
  • Your Words HERE!

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