It’s Real!

So, this Saturday, at Lloyd the Wherehouse, 3106 Industrial Terrace, we are doing the thing.

Flipside, right now, is an empty field.  This Saturday at 10:00 am, we are loading all of our infrastructure onto trucks, and taking it to Flipside and removing it.  Every ice and rangers shade strcuture, every infrastructure bench you sit on, every table, THE EFFIGY, all of the fire equipment, ALL OF IT MUST GO.

Needless to say, this is a lot of work, and requires a lot of hands.  So, who do we send out to help us?

That’s right!  Please come and help us.  We’ll love you even more  if you’re able to come out to the land and help us unload the trucks.  If that amount of lifting isn’t something that you can help with, you might want to contact our flagging lead at, and see if she needs help flagging out the theme camps.


It’s all very exciting and a great chance to see this crazy thing go from nothing to something.

Burning Flipside Leads Nomination is LIVE

Hey everyone!  We’re getting to the beginning of planning time for Burning Flipside 2018:Return of the Shadows: 20 Years of Light and Dark.  And that means that we’re looking for leads in all departments.   What does a lead do, you ask?  Well, generally, the assemble a team of people to accomplish a specific task, like making Parking go, or ensuring that there are enough PETs to cover the event, or building roads during the run-up to the event.  We have over sixty lead positions, so there is something for nearly everyone’s skill set and interest!  Also note that we are also actively looking for lieutenants and people that want to help out.  This is useful if you want to learn about a department that already has a well-established lead that is likely to return, or if you don’t feel quite ready to throw yourself forward.  Also, please let us know about someone that is not you, if you think they would be great!

Are you interested?  Please sign up here:

Do you have questions?  The form above will tell you the AF to ask (Area Facilitators, or AFs, are responsible for supporting leads and helping them with defining their areas of responsibility), and you can contact them here: , or you can contact Dahling, our lovely Volunteer Coordinatrix at!

Happy lead-ing everyone!

Onsite Volunteering

Hi everyone:

Volunteer Roulette is officially closed.  If you do not have an email about your position by midnight on May 19th, please contact the Volunteer Coordinatrix at

Despite that, however, volunteering is not closed!  Not by a longshot!

How can I help now, do you ask?

Two easy ways:

  1. Show up at Lloyd, the warehouse, 3109 Industrial Terrace Dr., Austin TX Saturday May 20th at 10:00 am, and help load Flipside onto the trucks to go to the land.  If you’re super awesome, you can even follow the trucks to the Flipside land and help unload them.
  2. This year, you can register for volunteering ONSITE.  All you have to do is report in at the Pyropolis Civic Center at the Crossroads, and inform a Volunteer Assistance Squad member that you wish to volunteer.  They will then assist you with finding a position.

Thank you so much to everyone who has put forward the effort into volunteering (and participating in the event).  We can’t wait to see all of you out there!

Volunteer Roulette is up!

Hey everyone!  Do you want an easier way to volunteer, without having to crawl through the numerous teams we have?  Well, we’ve got you covered!  Just tell us when and how you are available, and we’ll find you a shift with Volunteer Roulette:

So, what’s stopping you?  Volunteer for Flipside today!