CC meeting 9 March 2015

Combustion Chamber Meeting Monday, March 9, 2015

Attendees (15)
Izzi, Prost, Adam, Chim-Chim, Decibe, Augustin, Breezy, Turtlebunnie, Pixie, Doug, Wrinn, Henry, Bonobo, Clovis, Psyche


LLC UPDATE (Problem)

  • Emails on ticket confirmations will be sent out this week
  • North Texas Town Hall road show went well this past weekend; Not as big a turnout as the Houston Town Hall Road Show
  • Work weekend March 20

8:03pm AF UPDATE (Wrinn)

  • Reminder Safety Side sign up form is still open.

365/24/7 AF UPDATE (Augustin)

  • Warehouse host training will be this Thursday, March 12, at 7pm
  • All interested in being a host, please contact Augustin
  • This is a liability position

8:04pm TOPIC: RESPECT (Doug)

  • Currently have names from Undo Racism Austin
  • Marisol Caballero (sp?), Julie Gillis, and Asante Todd would be the speakers
  • AI: Set dates and approve people
  • Topic started from heated exchanges related to the community
  • Tentative dates: April 2, 23, 30; More info will be provided upon confirmation


  • Idea is to help clear rosters and set expectations of members
  • Currently there are (3) LLC email lists; CC has similar lists
  • Current policy on attendance: Expect at least 70% attendance; If someone is not showing up, then members should speak with them in person
  • There is a duality to the nature of the CC: The community is poor at writing stuff down; The only thing we have is in our brains; Challenge is how to cycle new blood without losing the tribal knowledge
  • Scribe usually presents attendance sheets at the end of the year
  • All CC is discussing is the ability to vote; Term limits act as a guideline only; It’s an institutional view towards wisdom where we honor the old voice and welcome the new; There is a constant lap of mentoring
  • Recruitment of new CC members should take place at all times
  • Not an obligation, but a limitation aspect
  • Abundance vs. scarcity; What makes volunteerism work? What cultural shifts are taking place?
  • People from the outside-looking-in see the Combustion Chamber as a topic-driven forum; One of the things people are interested in is an open forum where people can bring up questions or topics they’d like to discuss; Consider having an open forum and invite people to participate
  • Currently have a database on theme camps; Consider having a theme camp meet-n-greet in efforts of recruiting for leadership positions in the CC; Bonobo would be interested in talking further about this in the next meeting
  • Have Church Night as a challenge to get someone to come to the next CC meeting with a question/topic

9:13pm REGIONAL UPDATE (Clovis)

  • Midway project is happening instead of Souk and Caravary (sp?)
  • Burning Man Global Leadership Conference (GLC) is April 9-12 in San Francisco
  • Same weekend before CC meeting; Some may not be in attendance for the CC meeting
  • AI: GLC debrief beforehand on input

NEXT MEETING: Monday, March 23, 2015

Recycling (Pixie); Flipside without a Burn (Prost)


Attachment: Week of Years – Recommended Guidelines for Term Limits.

Recommendation for Term – Week of Years / Sabbatical rotation
Seven Year Cycle
Two Year “minimum commitment”
Five year max
Two year sabbatical (Two Flipsides) An LLC seat would restart the clock

Current Configuration
Recruitment, 2 Year Commitment, self imposed retirement*

5 Year Rhythm
Year) 1 Novitiate Year (orientation and internal critique)
Year 1-3) Initiative years
Year 4) Recruitment
Year 5) “Mentoring”

Begin with Volunteers who have served over 5 years. Rotating out no more than 2-3 per year till cycle catches up. People considering stepping down should be aggressive about recruiting and encouraging participation in CC meetings before they step down.

Purpose for the imposition of limits.
To promote more proactive recruiting for participation in the CC
To foster more diversity on the CC that correlates with the evolution profile of the event
Communal context
17 Years – a community coming of age
“Create a forum” [Communication, participation? Communal Contribution]
Potential development of a *venue vs forum (context plus location) participants

CC Profile with relevance to participating seats.
Non Seasonal / Event driven
Not for Profit / Non-exempt
Principle Driven (Not Goal)
Non Operational – Task affiliated.
Traditional – Emeritii Eligible
Volunteer – Unpaid
Self Selecting – Non review

What if we are short on people?
A) You won’t be B) These are guides not rules
What if someone wants to come back and it’s a big council?
A) Solve the problem B) Postpone return 3) be too big D) Inquire about others