CC meeting 23 March 2015


MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2015


STACK: Turtlebunnie/Bonobo

SCRIBE: Chim-Chim

TOPICS: Recycling (Pixie); Flipside without a Burn (Prost)

ATTENDEES: Problem, Adam, Danny, Olivia, Decibel, Izzi, Pixie, Turtlebunnie, Prost, Wrinn, Breezy, Princess, Chim-Chim, guest, guest 2, Henry, Monkey, Bonobo, Beth, Brently, Cydney, Clovis

7:59pm         MEETING BEGINS

8:00pm         LLC UPDATE (Adam)

–       WW weekend was cancelled this past weekend

–       Casey (Site Prep AF) –  Property in good shape; Cleanup work and maintenance are still needing to be done

–       Corral—Kit has cleared it out; twice as much useable space than last year; 80 x 130 yards; Awesome potential for art placement

–       Gate meeting will be scheduled

–       Need Leads all hands within next two weeks

–       AF meeting this coming Wednesday

8:04pm AF Update

8:05pm         TOPIC: Recycling (Pixie)

–       Thoughts on wanting to do this year?

–       Periodic topic: Theme camp started doing recycling themselves; Then, job got too big; Rolled into Earth Guardian area; Job was getting too big, again

–       There are (2) different positions now

–       Putting bins is considered in-the-past

–       Misconception—Recycling pays for itself; False belief; Not all recycling places take steel; 10 – 15 cents per ticket to cover bags $350/yr; higher or lower; Equates to 3-4 tix approx..

–       From a Volunteer standpoint—It takes 30 slots to run recycling

–       Impact on event itself—It does make a mess; Not as bad as it was last year; could have prepped better for rain

–       Impact on values and beliefs—Impacts self-reliance aspect vs. Part of don’t have self-reliance, but cooperation; Communal effort

–       From personal standpoint, it does help clean up; Helps sustainability

–       Feedback—Everyone loves recycling; Individually, some don’t like it; It’s the idea of recycling they don’t like because of the need to practice self-reliance;

–       Not as much with cans; glass issue; Cans, aluminum—choices? Simplified; Cans, cardboard, glass; Tin, steel, aluminum separate;

–       History—Didn’t used to be as separated; How much education getting out to community? As we get closer, will do more—Earth Guardians and Recycling

–       WRITE ARTICLE ON RECYCLING: Why it’s important? What do you take?

–       Some people don’t care as long as community takes care of it; Ideally, people would take care of their own stuff and thus having no site sign off at all;

–       Why should I pay 10 cents for everybody else to do it?  Part of communal effort and ethics for everyone to participate; Part of collective ethic to welcome people

–       Might not be using it, but eventually will; Convenience

–       Cooperation is one of our principles

8:27pm         Motion has been made and seconded to close stack; Motion passes

8:29pm         CC continues to support recycling; Motion and seconded; Passed

8:30pm         TOPIC: FLIPSIDE WITHOUT A BURN (Prost)

–       Milam County currently not under a burn ban

–       Insurance: Stumbling block on insurance: Insurance or no event; Don’t know insurance repercussions since Utah burn; What does Flipside look like without a Burn?

–       From insurance perspective: There is more concern with how other events handle theirs; Lawyers are more concerned about Art cars

–       A giant fire qualifies as an Obvious Hazard

–       In the past, someone has sued Burning Man; From liability standpoint, the biggest problem is a  Burn ban; There were two Flipsides (2009, 2002) where we didn’t have a Burn; Not a new reality; If Flipside continues, will have burn bans; Anyone submitting an effigy proposal will have to include a  “no burn” plan in proposal that includes a budget for hauling the effigy off the property if no burn exists

–       Question: How do we, as community, replace the catharsis we get from having a big fucking fire; we can’t put that all on daft lead to fill gap;

–       Alternative catharsis lead: Come up with someone else instead of ACL

–       Last time a burn ban came up, we had alternative solutions; However, people were unsatisfied with the solution

–       Implement Poll to the community asking for ideas

–       Alternate destruction needs

–       Consider having volunteer teams to take it apart and reduce it to several barrels; It’s not fair to put the job on Leave No Trace (LNT) department, or DAFT, in determining how the effigy is going to be moved

–       Alternative solution: Donate to Habitat for Humanity: Only whole pieces of lumber; If donating lumber is not an option, then make planters out of it: Most non-burn plans go take apart and haul and tiny thing on burn night instead

–       How to make non-burn plans better: Do whatever DAFT wants to do with it from poll

–       In 2002, “House of Cards”, there was a burn ban; The compromise consisted of the community running with sledgehammers, and taking pieces;

–       Cleanup will not disassemble effigy; DAFT does it or knocks it over;

–       Everyone enter a raffle to win effigy; and raffle for steel;

–       Alternatives: Find land for trench burning for disposal

–       Regarding the catharsis issue: DAFT came up with plans: In 2011—the idea was to destroy the  bridge by destroying its railings; Pieces would have been given to the community; Beast—saw horns off head;

–       Catharsis of freak; Face collapsed and there was a fire next to it

8:55pm         REGIONAL UPDATE (Clovis)

–       GLC in couple of weeks; Same weekend as work weekend; 2nd weekend in April

–       Meet n greet went well

8:59pm         Facilitator: Turtlebunnie

Stack: Pixie

Scribe: Chim-Chim

Topics: Cultural Appropriation (Bonobo)