Flipside Flame April 2017

We’re getting ever closer to Burning Flipside, so publication of the Flame and Announce may pick up the pace a bit.

There’s a LOT of information heading your way — so please, do us all a favor and read the whole thing.
It’s worth your time, and there’s lots of good advice.

For more info, stay tuned to:

Remember, if you have something you’d like to contribute to the Flame or Announce, use Flipside Flame/Announce Submission page to send it in. Announce tends to be at the beginning of the month, and Flames usually get published around the middle of the month. Get me the info at least a week before then, and I’ll do my best to get your contribution included.


Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer!

As Flipside gets closer, the opportunities to volunteer and be an important and ESSENTIAL part of our city increase.  We are busy-busy-busy preparing to make Burning Flipside a well-oiled (machine? skillet? Twister board?), and YOU can be an active and engaged part of making it GO.   The people that work before, during, and after Flipside are participants too, volunteering their amazing time, experience, and creative efforts to making this event the incredible experience that it is.     Check out some of the ways you can be a part of this incredibly important and rewarding facet of Flipside…..

Here are just a couple of opportunities for you to be a part of the gears that make this town GO!

Shaven Apes

Like helping people build things and looking for folks in need of assistance? Sign up to be an Ape!
Be someone’s hero! Shaven Apes are the helping hands of Pyropolis. We help hold poles, bang stakes, and, sometimes, lay a lot of hay.

Our shifts are 3 hours long and you get to be a part of art projects, theme camps, and have an inside look at what folks are doing or have brought out this year.

We are not a safety department, and there’s no pre-event training required, so new event attendees can volunteer.

If you have a friend coming for the first time and looking for a great way to participate, send them our way. Shaven Apes wouldn’t exist without volunteers. Sign up for a shift today. Thursday shifts are in particular need!

For more information or just have a question, you can contact Samantha directly at
–> Shaven Apes

Zone Czars Needed!

Hey Flipizens!

Doc Mitz here — I am the Interzone Coordinator for Flipside 2017!

There are a ton of openings for Zone Czars (formerly known as Zone Greeters).

Do you like to tell people exactly where to go??

We help place theme campers into their proper locations. Zone Czars are placed at the start of each zone and are the first to get the inside scoop on camps as they arrive.

Find out why Pelican Camp has three rainbow colored sheep with unicorn horns for their art project!
Inquire about exactly what type of service animals they are!

This is a perfect way for newer burners to get involved and meet people.

Slots are open on Wednesday – Friday in 5 hour shifts.

CLICK HERE to sign up directly!

For more information or just have a question, you can contact Doc Mitz directly at
–> Zone Czars

What is a Ranger?

I sometimes have a difficult time explaining what a Ranger is to someone new to our community.

There are a lot of things I could say. They’re not cops. They’re not security guards, or authority whores. The most technical way to describe them are “non-confrontational community mediators” but my favorite way to describe them is that a Ranger is a Navigator on the Edge of Chaos.

You know the typical group of fools hanging around a campfire?

Inevitably, one of these individuals will have, a “hold my beer” moment.
You know the kind I’m talking about.
The words “Hey, hold my beer: I got an idea.” are usually (but not always) followed by some derivative of  “just stop, drop and roll!” and/or “this is going to be great on YouTube.”

The Ranger is the guy that holds your beer.

“Keeping me safe from me is not your job” I was told once.

And that’s something I tell every person that becomes a Ranger. This is true to a certain extent. I may try to suggest that what you are about to attempt might not been conceived with the soundest of rational judgement…but I’m probably gonna let you do it anyway and help you pick up the pieces when it’s over.

In its simplest terms, a Ranger is a member of the community (like YOU!) that’s accepted the task of being the sober, level-headed voice of reason at the event. (At least for a little while.) I encourage every Ranger to spend time off duty, or as we like to call it, being “part of the problem.”

If you’ve been to Flipside more than once and you’re ready to give something back to your community, check out the idea of being a Ranger. Its the best way to see the city and learn about everything that’s going on.

And if this is your first Flipside, swing by Ranger HQ and ask for me. I’ll be happy to give you a tour!


For more information or just have a question, you can contact Judge directly at
–> Rangers

Guardians of Flipside

Feeling like you wanna jump on the volunteer bandwagon? Guardians is still accepting volunteers!

For those that are looking for a less mobile shift where you can sit down and have minimal interaction with folks, this is a great way to get some quiet in a bustling city of Burners.

Wanna see how night vision works? Join us for a night shift.
Curious about how we help keep the city safe? Come check us out this year!

Find out more information by requesting to join our Facebook page “Guardians of Flipside

Check out our wiki page for a simple overview of the department.

Or, for more information or just have a question, you can contact Froggy directly at
–> Guardians

Pre/Post -Ops

Pre/Post Ops are the heroes who make everything much easier!

Pre/Post Ops deals specifically with helping set up the various pieces of infrastructure such as carports, the radio tower, etc.   If you want to help with the setting up and breaking down of the physical infrastructure of the city, Pre/Post is for YOU!

CLICK HERE to sign up or learn more!

For more information or just have a question, you can contact Lurko directly at
–> Pre/post

Work Weekend 4

We have one more work weekend left, May 6-8.


Weather permitting, we will be treating for fire ants and poison ivy. We will not be using Amdro on the ants or spraying the poison ivy if the cows are on the land, which they may be because of a broken fence across the way.

We have some road work to finish and trail maintenance to do. There are always sticks to pick up and burn. Sign up on the Work Weekend Sign Up Form (required for entry on the land; don’t just show up).

~ Saraphina

“As long as you are green you are growing.” – Ray Kroc

Burners take great pride in our Leave NO Trace ethos. It aligns with the Burning Flipside principals perfectly in that we all have to participate and cooperate to be accountable to ourselves, our burn, and the world as a whole. Having an LNT attitude also helps the sustainability of the event!  Land owners are inclined to have us back over and over again, as we don’t destroy/pollute their property.

NOW is the time to consider how you and/or your camp, if you belong to one, can LNT prepare.

Remember ……  if you bring it, you take it home!

Here are some simple steps you can do to not only make LNT happen, but make it easy.

Prepare in Advance – If you are prepared for a LNT event, then a large part of the work is done.

Here are some ideas and suggestions:

  • Talk about it among your campmates. Make sure everyone understands the importance of LNT. Educate the first-time Burners.
  • Always consider 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Have a plan to separate recyclables from trash.
  • Create and carry MOOP bags
    (a simple project from Burning Man http://earthguardians.net/2016/06/03/make-your- own-moop- bag/).
  • Remove as much packaging as possible. If it doesn’t go out to the event then, you don’t have to haul it back
  • Use larger containers (water, food, etc.). It is easier to keep track of a one gallon water jug than 8 sixteen-ounce water bottles.
  • Grab and artify an Altoids tin (or similar) to be used as a cigarette butt holder
  • Recycle on Site – Separate the recyclable items and take them to the recycling station on a regular basis. Do not wait until the end. Information on recycling can be found in the Survival Guide.

Also, please consider spending a few short hours helping at the recycling station as without volunteers it can’t happen.  CLICK HERE to volunteer!

  • Do regular and final MOOP sweeps – Don’t let it hit the ground in the first place. However, do regular time walking in and around your camp every day looking for any MOOP. After camp is broken down, have the entire group form up into a “marching” line and cover the camp looking for that last little bit that you missed. It is easier than being called out on the MOOP map.
  • Lastly, the folks working on restoring the land post-event would love your help. Please come out on the Saturday post-event to help bring the beautify wooded playa back to its natural state.

Watch here in future Flame editions for additional information on ridesharing, sign-ups, and other Restoration information!

And, as always, keep an eye on the Flipside Flame for additional LNT articles and if you have any ideas or would like to help with our Earth Guardian effort please contact Wrinn directly at https://www.burningflipside.com/contact
–> Site Sign-Off Area Facilitator

Meet Sven

Sven and I have been together for over two years.  We’ve been to Flipside together twice and really enjoyed our time together there.  But.  Sven doesn’t camp with me.  Because, Sven is a car.  And cars camp in parking, not in the city.

Sven’s job is to get me there safely and while some other cars will get dressed up for the event, Sven is demure, and doesn’t like costumes.  Sven is no mutant vehicle.  So Sven spends the event with the other cars not dressed for the event, in parking.  He tells me that he has fun in parking, and enjoys the companionship of the other cars (Sven spends a lot of time at home alone with my junk in the garage).  

If there ever comes a time where I need Sven to camp in at Flipside, I know that he will appreciate being off the road, and covered.  Maybe even in something decorative.  Because, although Sven is shy and reserved, he knows that we are in this together and he will take one for Pyropolis and wear a costume, for me.  For us.

Because this city we build is not like other cities, where all the cars hangout in front of the houses.  This city is for people.  It’s for art.  It’s for the Flipiziens.  It’s for leaving the real world for something better.  There’s just not enough room for shy and reserved cars in our city, when we want to fill it with awesome.  

Cars camp in Parking.  People camp in Pyropolis.

~ Ste. Michelle

Event Registration Going on NOW!

Are you holding an event at Flipside this year?  Your camp is hosting the unicorn vs rainbow battle, but no one knows yet? Do you have events listed in your  theme camp description, but haven’t taken a minute to head over to the event page and get them added to the Events list ?  Do it now, so you can focus on those last-minute projects!

Head on over to the Event Registration form, log in, and add your event to the growing list of goodness!