Flipside Flame December 2016


And now, the Final Flame of 2016. So, this year happened…it’s almost over. We’re going to be ok. We’re going to set things on fire (burn bans permitting). It will be what it will be. Unicorns and Rainbows will come together and experience the wonder of the community we create together. There will be a reckoning. Punctuation will leave its mark.

For more info, stay tuned to:

Remember, if you have something you’d like to contribute to the Flame or Announce, use Flipside Flame/Announce Submission page to send it in. Announce tends to be at the beginning of the month, and Flames usually get published around the middle of the month. Get me the info at least a week before then, and I’ll do my best to get your contribution included.


 Ticket Window Dates Posted

Every year, there is a window of opportunity in which participants can mail in their ticket requests. Those dates have been finalized! After creating your ticket request, it’s time to decorate your envelope (utterly optional, but totally fun), get your payment together (less fun, but completely mandatory), and get your requests in the mail from January 6 through January 20. It’s pretty straightforward, so start saving your pennies and planning your envelopes! We’ll post more about the ticket opening as the details become available.

Advice From Your 2017 Ticket Lead

Ticket mail in Tips from Loribug, the 2017 Ticket Lead.


  • DO read ALL THE DETAILS on how to send in a ticket request – do it right!
  • DO fill in all the fields
  • DO put enough postage
  • DO make sure the address is easily read
  • DO double check to make sure you send both the ticket request and the money order.
  • DO keep your money order receipt – when a ticket request goes south (missing, stolen, etc), this can save your butt. KEEP IT!
  • DO consider dropping the envelope off at the post office and requesting hand canceling – especially if you are at the last day of ticket window.
  • DO contact tickets with problems – we are very responsive and have dealt with a lot of problems over the years. LOTS of problems. Contact me at: tickets@BurningFlipside.com


  • DON’T send the request in before the ticket window.
  • DON’T send it in after the ticket window.
  • DON’T send a personal check or cash.
  • DON’T vaguely post to Facebook or interwebs if you have problems with your ticket request and expect resolution – contacting the ticket team is the only way you can get help.
  • DON’T break every rule of ticket request and think you will get much sympathy.

My personal suggestions:
Please decorate your envelope – not required, but it makes the Ticket Team’s life MUCH MORE FUN during opening.
Highly decorated envelopes can challenge the USPS. You may want to put your fab envelope inside a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope available from the Post Office. I know it hides the beauty from the postal employees, but it can help your ticket request make it safely.
In general, a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope costs about $6.45 and includes tracking. Tracking is VERY VERY GOOD to have. (the Priority Mail EXPRESS Flat Rate Envelope costs $22 – so expensive!)

Even if you think you have made an error (forgot to include money order, forgot to include ticket request, returned for inadequate postage) or the post office has made an error (envelope returned in shreds, envelope returned because they could not read the address), I can probably help.

Contact me at

Ticket Cap for 2017

As in previous years, there will be a limited number of tickets for Burning Flipside.

Burning Flipside 2017: Unicorns vs Rainbows: The Reckoning, will have 2,800 tickets available through the lottery system.

Each year we make an application to the host county officials for a Mass Gathering Permit. This allows us to exceed the Mass Gathering Act’s limit of 2499 participants for the duration of the event. While not currently approved for 2017, we anticipate that this permit will be granted.

This consideration from the county, however, is not a way to expand in an unlimited fashion. We must still plan the event according to the volunteer support available, the land area to which we have access, and the quantity of ticket requests that come in. So, in the interest of continuing to have a safe, successful and fulfilling event for participants and volunteers, we limit the number of tickets provided to the community.

What should you do?
Make your plans now to get your ticket request in when the ticket window opens on January 6! Ticket prices remain unchanged from last year ($111.00 for adults, USD).

Don’t delay because the window closes on January  20th. In the event that we either a) do not receive the permit, or b) exceed 2800 ticket requests, then there will be the lottery for tickets!

Volunteer to support sustainable growth of future Flipsides.

Be the ticket-holding volunteer participant that you want to see in the world!


 Sticker/Ticket (Sticket!)

Hey Flipizens!

Would you like free tickets to Flipside 2017: Unicorns vs. Rainbows: The Reckoning?

And did you know that designing the ticket or the sticker is actually the only way to get free tickets to Flipside?!? Leads, volunteers, even LLC members, pay for their tickets.

Design the Flipside ticket or sticker and submit your design today!  The person who submits the winning STICKER design will get TWO free tickets to Flipside 2017. The person who submits the winning TICKET design will also receive TWO free tickets to Flipside 2017.

Keep in mind all designs must be original. No clip art, and no copy written material may be used. The designs can be created digitally or by hand.

So break out your pen, marker, crayon or stylus and get the ideas flowing.  Hand-drawn submissions are perfectly fine, but must be delivered before the deadline: 10 pm Monday January 30, 2017.

Submit your designs or any questions at

We will positively confirm every submission we receive, so if you do not receive a confirmation within a few days, please email us back, and we will confirm receipt.

Please do not post or display your Ticket or Sticker design anywhere else until after the contest ends.  (The artist for the winning ticket design will be asked to refrain from posting it anywhere until after the event.)

Burning Flipside will do its best to include all submitted designs, in some form of hype, the survival guide, or the website, so your art should get seen.  When you submit you are implicitly giving permission for us to use your design – on the ticket or sticker, on the Burning Flipside website, or in the Survival Guide. If for some reason you do not want to give this permission, please specify that when you submit. Also please indicate how you would like your art to be credited.

TICKET Design Details

Please include the following information within your Ticket design:

  • Burning Flipside
  • Unicorns vs. Rainbows: The Reckoning
  • May 25-29, 2017
  • www.burningflipside.com

Keep these things in mind:

  • Artwork should be 2.375 x 4.375 inches.
  • 1/8 inch all around WILL BE CUT OFF creating a final size of 2.125 x 4.125 – this extra space is called bleed.
  • Artwork should be CMYK.
  • Artwork should be supplied at 100% as either vector based art (illustrator or freehand) or at 300dpi if it is a Photoshop file.
  • If Photoshop – .tif, .eps, .psd and .jpeg files are preferred.  Please save jpeg files with “maximum quality”.

Tips for successful reproduction of your design:

  •  You must pay attention to specs, or you could be disqualified.
  • Do not place text too close to the edge of your design. It should be 1/8″ in on either side once the artwork is trimmed. Pick fonts that will be easy to read and try to not use a font that is really thin on a dark background. It will “plug-up” and be hard to read.
  • Do not get too complex, it is often easier to create artwork at a larger size and reduce it down. Keep in mind what it will look like at the smaller size.
  • If you create your art in layers, be sure and save that layered file just in case the printer needs anything altered – this will make it easier on them and you.

STICKER Design Details

Please include at least the following information within your Sticker design:

  • Flipside 2017

Tips for successful reproduction of your design:

  • Submit in black and white (or another color and white). But not multiple colors for the sticker.
  • Sticker Art should cover a 2.5″ circle at 300dpi.
  • Make your design simple! Intricate and super-fine lines (less than 1-pt) tend to dry up in the screen and will not show up on the sticker. For your reference, 1pt lines are roughly the same size as what a medium ball point pen will draw.  It is a good idea to keep important elements of your artwork at least 1/8″ from the edge of the sticker to allow for cutting. Serifed fonts can be a nightmare – especially at small point sizes. Set all type to at LEAST 10 points.
  • In the past we’ve only printed black and white stickers.  Grayscale or gradients are a real pain and don’t print very well, so try to stick to solid colors.  If you want to submit a two or three color image, that’s fine and it will be reviewed, but (depending on cost) it may end up being converted into black and white.  All halftones are screened at 55 lpi.

Have fun! good luck! We look forward to seeing the designs as they come in.  It is an incredible outpouring from this intensively creative community! It’s a pleasure to serve as your STicket team.

If you have any questions, just let us know at

Your Flipside 2017 Sticker/Ticket Selection Team