Register Theme Camps, Art Projects, Artified Vehicles, and Events for 2018

Time to Register!

Before you register your theme camp, art piece, event, art car or mutant vehicle, read the survival guide, especially if your art/camp has amplified sound, flame effects, lasers, etc. Really, though- just read your survival guide regardless of what you are bringing. It’s important.

To register a theme camp, art project, art car, mutant vehicle or event, you must be logged into on the “Secure” part of the site. After you’re logged in, you’ll see options to register or view existing registrations

Theme Camp Registration

Is OPEN! Closes Apr. 1st at 11:59pm CST (No joke!)

Theme Camp FAQ

Art Registration

Is Open! Closes Apr 15th at 11:59pm CST

Burnable Art– If you were hoping to burn your art piece at the event, please make sure you fully understand your responsibilities. Before you register your piece, read through the Burnable Art page on the website:

Art Project Support- If you are looking for resources to help make your art project a reality (financial support, more hands to make a thing go, space to build a thing) check out some of the available resources to support art.


Art Stuff- Want to keep up on what’s new in Pyropolis Art? Classes, meetings, meet ups, community opportunities, artist spotlights…keep an eye on the haps with the art blog.


Art Car Registration and Events Registration

Is Open! Closes May 17th 11:59pm CST

Department of Mutant Vehicles- if you want to get around the Pecan Playa on wheels, make sure you understand your responsibilities.


Have any questions or concerns?

Theme Camp Registration- Email the Theme Camp Liaison at

Need to talk about Art, Art Car, Mutant Vehicle or Event Registration? Email