Announce January 2019

Happy New Year, all! 2018 has flown by and we find ourselves in the home stretch toward Flipside 2018: Sisyphean Celebration. Make sure to read through this email for important ticket information if you’re looking to head home this year.

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What is in this Announce:

  • STickets: Where The Art Starts!!


  • Ignition Philter’s Second Year!

Important Dates

  • January 7, 2019: The Flipside ticket window opened! That was YESTERDAY folks!
  • January 14, 2019: CC Meeting
  • January 28, 2019: The Flipside ticket window closes!
  • February 2, 2019: Spring Town Hall
  • February 15, 2019: Flipside Work Weekend 1
  • March 15, 2019: Flipside Work Weekend 2

For more information on how to be involved year around, check out the Burning Flipside Calendar.



Today is Day TWO of our ticket window for your 2019 Flipside tickets. If you haven’t started the process, you may want to get on it! The date range is important because:

– You have to register your ticket request on the website during this date-range, and

– You have to mail in your completed ticket request during the same date-range. It’s the second most important date range of the event (the most important date range ends on Memorial day, if you get my drift).

Want to ensure you get your tickets this year? Check out the dates and details here.

STickets: Where The Art Starts!!

“TicketBoard2017” created by the wonderful Nova-yesthat’smyrealname Photo courtesy of the fabulous André Olivier

FREE TICKETS!! Don’t you want the chance for FREE TICKETS?! The ticket window has begun!! And with that art starts it’s wonderful journey through the postal system, making all sorts of folks oooooo and aaaahhhhh!! Wanna make sure every member of our wonderful community to ooo and aahh?? Submit some art to the STickets contest!! The winner of the contests gets that opportunity and TWO FREE TICKETS!! Two contests…Sticker and Ticket. Each contest gets you two free tickets!!

And we need your art please!! Tickets and Stickers get handed out to every attending body at Burning Flipside! Every attendee will see that beautiful art that you created!! It’s really were the art starts!!


Ignition Philter’s Second Year!

Ignition Philter (the independent art grant organization) had a fantastic first year at Burning Flipside. There were puppets and pay phones and blinkies and music and fire, oh my! We had 32 applications and were able to give away money for 16 pieces. For a refresher of whose art you helped pay for, see the list of last year’s winners.

2019 is coming and we’re ready to not be freshpeople. We learned a few things and are ready to go bigger and weirder next year. In addition to funding more projects, we have plans to work towards being a 501c3 when the 2020 Flipside comes around

Want to learn about our upcoming plans and how you can help? Check out our post here for more details.