Art Projects and Flipside 2022


As you (hopefully) know, the ticket window for Burning Flipside is now open. Art Registration and Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV) Registration will open March 18th, 2022. Keep an eye out for communication from the official page/channels for updates! While we wait for tickets and registration openings, let’s talk art. 

Artist Resources

Are you an artist looking for some help to get your project off the ground? Are you a community member who is passionate about art and would like to help artists get the thing done did? We’ve got you! Check out these resources:

Art Grants- Ignition Philter

The community run organization Ignition Philter is taking applications for grants for Burning Flipside bound art projects for 2022. Need monies to get your art started? The application is currently open and will close March 6th.

Ignition Philter is also looking for art jurors to help determine funding for applicants. Learn more and apply to be a juror by February 28th. Selection will be held over Zoom mid-March, so you don’t have to live in Austin in order to participate!

Don’t forget to donate! You can do so through your Burning Flipside ticket request or directly through the Ignition Philter website. If you have any questions about this organization and process, you can also reach the Ignition Philter team directly: 

Art Projects Seeking Support Page

Check out the Art Projects Seeking Support Page. It’s basically a community bulletin board where artists can ask for community assistance to help make their Burning Flipside bound art project go. Designed to help artists and community members to connect to make magic happen. 

You might be an artist looking to share a brain with someone with specific expertise. Perhaps you could use some additional hands on your build. Maybe a little more money would turn this dream into a reality. It’s a great place to share a request for support or crowd source link when seeking community support. 

Check the page regularly to see how your support can make art go.

The Effigy and DaFT

The centerpiece of the event is built by the community, for the community, and YOU are invited to participate! No previous build experience required. DaFT season will be kicking off soon. Get connected by emailing the team: 

As with the event, DaFT will be enforcing the Burning Flipside 2022 COVID-19 Policy. Please be sure to familiarize yourself:

For other art related questions, feel free to email

Happy Arting!