Ticket window is closing! / Art news / Land Prep

Hello, Pyropolis! 

It’s your friendly comms folks with some new news of the utmost importance. We’ve got a lot to cover so strap in. Here. We. Goooooo… 

Ticket Requests must be postmarked by Monday, Feb. 28th

The ticket window for Burning Flipside 2022 is nearly closed. Complete your online requests, get your money order or cashier’s check (no personal checks), and have that envelope postmarked by Monday, February 28 (5 p.m. at most post offices!). You can save yourself some time by getting a money order at the post office itself. Decorating your envelope isn’t required but always entertains our ticket volunteers as well as the postal workers. So if you do please make sure addresses are legible and postage is attached. 

Get the complete ticket instructions here!

Art while you’re at it

While creating your ticket request consider digging a tiny bit deeper into those pockets and kicking a buck or ten to Ignition Philter, Burning Flipside’s sister organization that helps fund the art that goes to Flipside. If you want to crate a piece of art to bring out consider applying for a grant. If you like being judgy (and who doesn’t?) you can also apply to be on Ignition Philter’s jury and help decide just who gets a piece of that sweet, sweet art grant pie. Mmmmm…pie. 

Jury applications due February 28th (so, hurry!)

Grant applications due March 6th. 

Info, applications, and more ways to donate right cheer:

sTicket designs wanted

Just how official is your art? Well, it always could be more official-er and ain’t nothing more official than having your art on the Burning Flipside 2022 stickers or tickets! Head to the link below for all the design guidelines. There you’ll also find a link to submit your work through the interwebs. Ah, technology. The submission deadline is March 30th so get to artin’.


Prep dat land

Have a propensity to get dirt under your fingernails? Want to develop one? Join our crew of dirty workers March 18-20 to help get the land ready for Flipside. All work weekends start at 6 pm on Friday and everyone must depart by 3 pm on Sunday. Work Weekends are Leave No Trace, BYO Everything, Socially Distanced events. Have questions? Need more info? Stay in the loop here https://www.facebook.com/groups/flipside.work.weekends

But if you’re going you’ll still have to sign up all official-like with your Flipside profile here: https://secure.burningflipside.com/fvs/

One last thing

Stay closely tuned to this bat-channel for more details as Theme Camp and Art Registration will be open March 18 – April 18, 2022. 

Whew, you made it! That’s all for now, campers. Get those ticket requests in and start your art engines. We’ll be back with more soon.

Hugs and kisses,

The Burning Flipside Team