Warehouse Reopening

Many of you have no doubt noticed that the Austin area has once again hit Stage 2 of COVID restrictions which means that the warehouse is open once again. That means Church Night should happen this week along with things like DaFT build nights starting up soon. 
While we will do our best to announce any future closure and reopenings due to COVID restrictions we may not always be able to get an announcement out as quickly as we would like or there may be things that we don’t actually know much about like department trainings or other such events taking place at the warehouse. 
So we would encourage everyone interested in attending events at the warehouse to look at this City of Austin Page: https://www.austintexas.gov/covid19. The top of the page contains a banner displaying what stage the Austin area is currently in. That is the deciding factor for when the warehouse is open or closed. So if, for example, an announcement about the warehouse opening goes out on a Monday but that website changes to Stage 3 on a Wednesday afternoon then the warehouse would be closed for church night that evening.