welcome to Fall Town Hall!


4:10 Announcements about the warehouse, Ignition Philter, Art night, the rebirth of Kidsville, work weekends, Pyropolis Orchestra, More details to come.

3:55 a voice in the crowd reports that A Great Business Opportunity and Demolition Disco Derby are neck and neck. Voting ends in 4 minutes.

3:30 We’re taking a small break from the show to mingle a s we meet none other than XT with Ignition Philter. The big news is the upcoming fundraiser November 5. Link added soon!

3:17 Voting begins.

primordial drip let’s make something out of nothing! A short sweet presentation…about creating something from nothing.

Tortuga Malo presented strange vibrations and all that might encompass

another Great Business Opportunity! (with remote zoom access) showed off their FUX (flipside ultimate experience) funnel. To quote one small flipizen, “it’s not selling out, it’s buying in!”

nobodobo don presented Lime. Not plural.

rally and friends presented Demolition Disco Derby She nearly demoed herself with a fall but recovered.

Henry presented age of aquarius, a return to a better version of a simpler, hippier time.

Dano presented sysyphean something. Again.

2:53 theme presentations begin!

2:44 AF updates. They said stuff. We need judgy people to judge sticker and ticket art

240 AAR update-new folks are still interested. Jr College fund is in tact. Watch your input line for your money order – it is changing.

2:38 the pledge has been given. The meeting has opened.

2:36 they’ve announce, burner time, that we are about to start. Music down. No one on stage…

2:34 Nobody made a non announcement announcing they had no announcement to make.

2:09 pm Almost lost an easy up! But burners being burners jumped into action and saved the day!

2:02 pm set up is all set up! Tails are gating (or gates are tailing. Not sure…). Themes are getting posted. Heading back out into the fray…