Hey Y’all! It’s Fall Town Hall!

Why would I fall for Town Hall?

Fall Town Hall really opens the upcoming Flipside season. You can learn more about this year’s event, and what Flipside is about in general! It is also where we (the COMMUNITY) decide the “most important unimportant” thing about Flipside! What’s that? You guessed it – the Theme! The theme inspires the effigy, but sometimes only loosely. It inspires other art, but plenty of non-theme art shows up.   It inspires costumes, but some people don’t wear anything! While there is a specific agenda  for the official meeting portion, Town Hall is also where you might see old friends, meet new ones, get inspired, exchange ideas! Build community!

Have questions? Keep reading!

When do I show up?

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday! September 24. Pre-show tailgating starts at noon and the meat (or beans) of the thing (the meeting portion) starts at 2:34.

Where will I meet with the people that are meeting?

At LLOYD, the warehouse at 3106 Industrial Terrace, Austin, TX 78758 (learn more about Lloyd and the recent update to the covid policy).  Can’t make it in person? We don’t generally film or photograph, (not without ENTHUSIASTIC consent), but I hear there might be some live tweeting! Follow us (@BurningFlipside)

Who should be there?

That’s YOU! Bring a friend. Carpool if possible. Parking is limited! Who is hosting? Burning Flipside’s Combustion Chamber learn more about the CC).

How might I participate?

Come help set up, or stay to help break down. Bring a touch of your theme camp. Show off a cute (or terrifying!) costume! Share some snacks! Aside from the official content, Town Hall is what you make it: Town Hall needs you!

Please remember, just like Burning Flipside, Town Hall is a Leave No Trace event. Plan to take with you everything that you bring.

See you there!

Love n flames,