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Success! Texas tried to burn us, but we were just too hot already.

2024 Burning Flipside: Cosmic Critter Carnival
Effigy photo by Charles Hueter
2024 Burning Flipside: Cosmic Critter Carnival Effigy photo by Charles Hueter

We know some of you took hot hot photos of the event, but please take extra care in posting and sharing them. Remember consent applies in this area as well. If someone is identifiable in a photo, video, or audio clip and you didn’t get permission to record them, do not post. Please respect take down, “blur my face,” and similar requests.

(And yes, I screamed into the effigy’s void for permission to take this one.)

Mid-May Announce: Almost time to head out!

Survival Guide – a MUST READ publication! Did you know you assume all risk by attending Flipside? It ain’t Dizzy-knee world, you know. Have you read your survival guide? If not, please do it now!!! You can find it here: 

LOAD-IN NEEDS YOU! It’s May 18th! Do you know where your children….er…..your event infrastructures are? I do. They’re in the warehouse, waiting for you to help load them onto the trucks and into Flipside. Come on out tomorrow to help load some effigy and all that other stuff needed to make Flipside go. Many hands make for lighter loads! Being prepared: Bring sunscreen, gloves, water, snacks, and a good attitude. Load in begins at 10 am at the warehouse and 12:00 on site out at Apache Pass-tures.

Packing up for the event? Pack a radio! (and bring a spare!) A message from camp: K-FLiP, The Voice of Pyropolis asks that you bring a working FM Radio to FS!  Jambox or counter top, plug in or battery-powered, all are needed. Please bring suitable batteries. That way, folks in far off locations (Hello Parking!) can enjoy the great shows planned for this year. Radios can be dropped off anytime at the K-FLiP studios. And keep it locked to 100.5FM campers! ~Thank J. Radio

VOLUNTEERING –a great way to participate!

GATE I.T. Our gate staff is friendly and efficient at getting us through the fate and into the event. We LOVE our gate staff! What they are not is IT techs, and sometimes the machines go blip up there. Available to help fix the techy stuff?  You just need a solid understanding of PCs and basic networking, and to be at gate for opening each day you volunteer. There’s an easy how-to doc tshowing what needs to happen. Please contact

SHAVEN APES Can you he’p ‘em? Shaven Apes help folx who need it, specifically the sort of thing like moving a thing, getting a thing upright that’s not, basic physical labor and support.  Most of that help is needed Thursday and Monday.

MEDICAL Do you have medical training? Do you like a nice shady spot to be during the day? Volunteer for PETS (Pyropolis Emergency Team) for a shift or two! Want to help, but not medically trained? I hear they have concierge spots, too. You can help take care of the people who take care of the people.

And more! Zone Czar, Parking, Echelon, Guardians, Greeters, and Meteorology are also looking for some help. Haven’t secured a ticket? Some of these positions will open up a ticket sale. You can use the contact form: contact form to reach who you need!


Theme camps and artists have been working hard to make Flipside, well, Flipside! What are you bringing? What is everyone else bringing? Here is a little taste!

Events at the Event You can find the Official alphabetical listing here: Registered Events. Click on each event for hours. A participant has created this handy grid here!. There will also be kiosks throughout the event for us non-pre-planners and those who drop their plans the second they make it through greeters.

More about Theme Camps The map is great! But you can learn a little more about each camp,here: Registered Camps.

Ogle Some Art! Just kidding, don’t just be a looky-loo! Again, yay for maps so you know where the art starts! Here is where you can find a bit more about what you’re looking at/participating in! Regsitered Art

Pre-Flip Megannounce

It’s beginning to look a lot like almost-Flipside! And you know what that means! Time for a mega-announce!

ALL ABOUT ART (including Events!)

A message from DaFT – They want your art! “Hi folks!  r any combination thereof!  Also on topic: voids, abysses, black holes, singularities, unending nothingness, and opossums. Art needs to be no greater than 20″ wide, 20″ tall, and 6” in depth.  Please swing by the Wherehouse on a DaFT build night to discuss or to frown at the places where it would go, or email if you’d like to discuss particulars.  Cheers!”

Art Beyond DaFT! There are still a few projects that can use your support, too! Some need art added to the art, some need hands, some need $ support. Go have a gander and help out some amazing projects at you have some art you’d like to put in the effigy?  It can be cosmic, critter, carnival, o

Speaking of Art…cars Don’t forget to register that bangin’ jalopy (but don’t let it look like a mere jalopy)! The DMV registration deadline is May 17th at

Got an Event at the Event? If you want it in Disinfo, please register at


Pre and Post Event

Load In to the Land on Saturday, May 18
Volunteer for truck loading (at the warehouse) and unloading (on the land) -sign up at (you will have to log in).

Help DaFT Get a Head Start! If you are unavailable for helping with the main load Saturday but could be available Friday evening and would love to lend a hand, please email to help with Friday loading.

Pre-Ops/Boundaries – Pre/Post Lead is Lurko Unlike the Shaven Apes, Pre/Post Ops deals specifically with helping set up the various pieces of infrastructure such as carports, the radio tower, etc. Pre/Post Ops are not simply Flipside’s workforce; they are the heroes who make everything much easier.
Volunteer for Pre-Post shifts which occur before and after the event here: Volunteers must be approved for shifts before the gate opens and after it closes, and volunteers will be sent special instructions related to Early Entry.

Clean up and Load out on the Land, Saturday June 1 Volunteer for truck loading and cleaning up (on the land) and unloading (at the warehouse) here!

At the event
Shaven Apes – Lead is Marlboro Man
Shaven Apes are a group that help the community through manual labor. Helping to set up a tent, build a dome, get a car unstuck, etc. are the type of tasks that the Apes undertake. Apes are informal, in that a participant does not have a “right to Apes”, but they can certainly ask. Apes in general do NOT undertake the setting up of infrastructure. AND Apes have a ton of fun!
To volunteer for Shaven Apes shifts, click (Use the < > arrows to navigate through the days)

Cartelle – Lead is an open position (Talk to me if you’re interested in taking on a Lead role!) Help us help Flipside volunteers get and return their carts. Make sure carts go into the right hands. Help get carts back on the road if they get damaged. Answer radio calls about carts. Kindly communicate with volunteers and leads. Clean up carts for return to the vendor. Volunteer for Cartelle shifts here:

P.S. Shameless plug If you find these posts/emails helpful, or if you don’t but want to make them better, contact! Join the team, or just suggest content and we’ll do what we can to make it go!

Watch this space for more ways to pARTicipate before, during and after Burning Flipside!

Theme Camp, Art Project, and Fire Sale Deadlines

Hello, fellow taxpayer Flipizens! How are your eyes after the eclipse? We at Flipside Comms would love to say we stared too long at the celestial event and then made these typos, but no. They’ve been on the website long enough to need this heads up for everyone to be on the same page.

  • The deadline to register your theme camp or art project was officially April 15. Because the website had inconsistent dates, the deadline is now April 18. Now go be a cool kid who respects deadlines!
  • The deadline to participate in the secondary ticket sale is still midnight central standard time tonight. Go here to learn more: 

Sorry again for any confusion. We want all you lovely cosmic critters to come to this ridiculous carnival.

-Burning Flipside Comms

DATES and DEADLINES: An April Announce!

UPDATED (4/15/2024) The deadline for registering for theme camps and art projects has been pushed from April 15th to April 18th.

UPDATED (4/16/2024) Edited to remove the secondary sale link after the deadline.

Howdy Fuh…lipsidians…welcome to your friendly April Announce! If you’ve been reading along, this is mostly reminders, but keep reading, there’s new stuff too.

TICKETS The most important looming deadline is the FIREsale ticket window. It closes on April 15th. Haven’t got a ticket yet? Know someone who JUST HEARD ABOUT Burning Flipside? Will your mom be unexpectedly in the area at the end of May? After they create a profile, they can log in and register for tickets in our Secure site and complete the rest of our process by mailing a money order. Registration and postmark all must be complete by April 15th.

REGISTRATIONS are open across the board! Two of them close on APRIL 18th! Bringing art that you want someone to find on the map? REGISTER it! Bringing a theme camp and don’t want to camp in the lawlessness of the badlands? REGISTER IT! Holding an event at the event? You have until May 17th. Got a cool ride (an ART ride!)? Again, you have until May 17th for your DMV needs. All registrations happen by logging in and going to

SPEAKING OF ART – if you have an art project that needs some help, we have some help. When you register, please indicate if you need help with logistics. The Art Dept. will do their dangedest and so will the community. Let the Art dept. know what you need on your registration form ( Visit to find art to support (with time, art parts, or money) or to ask the community for some support for your art.

WORK WEEKENDS! (Don’t let the name fool you. It will be work, but it will also be fun! Come help make and maintain the canvas that the community paints this beautiful event upon. Please sign up on the Volunteer System if you plan to join! Bring a t-shirt to get your DIY Dirty Worker swag! For more info please email:

COMMUNITY CONVERSATION Did you know you could participate in community feedback! You can at the next Combustion Chamber meeting. It will be held on April 15th, and we are going to try to go virtual on Google Meet. Check out the calendar listing on Monday for the link. The meeting topic is “Review of the Interpersonal Incidents FAQ

EVENT VOLUNTEER Highlights This city was not, in fact, built on rock ‘n’ roll, but on the participation of people like you! Always wanted to help but not sure what to do? Watch for our upcoming VOLUNTEER HIGHLIGHTS post. In the meantime, you can learn more at and sign up for shifts at


(aka second-round ticket window; same process, same price – plus tax*)

UPDATE (4/15/2024): There was a typo below that said the sale ends on April 16, 2024. That is incorrect, it ends TODAY at midnight, on April 15. We apologize for any confusion.

UPDATE (4/16/2024): Secondary sale closed yesterday.

Did you have a poorly-timed payday, an unplanned work trip, an unexpected snafu? Maybe you just learned about our little burn among the pecans yesterday. Whatever the reason, if you missed purchasing your Burning Flipside tickets during the regular ticket window, you may be pleased to learn that Burning Flipside is releasing a second round of tickets! No, it won’t be easier, and it will add sales tax*, but it will be a second chance! The ticket window opens TODAY. Tickets will be processed in the order in which they are received. The secondary ticket window (for registration and postmark) will CLOSE April 15 OR whenever we run out of tickets, whichever comes first. (Yep, April 15th happened first.)

  • If you have not already, create your Flipside Secure profile here.
  • Log in and access the sale registration in Secure.
  • Complete the registration, check your email, and print your form.
  • Get a money order for the total amount on your form. Make it out to “Burning Flipside”
  • Mail your form and money order to:

Burning Flipside, Ticket Request
P.O. Box 9987
Austin TX 78766

Got questions? Email if you cannot find the answer. Updates to the ticket page coming soon!

*PLEASE NOTE! As a nonprofit organization, Catalyst Collective can declare a tax free day on sales tax on goods we sell. We’ve already used that day for the main ticket sale. Therefore, for this sale we have to pass the sales tax along to the purchaser. So prices will look slightly higher, to incorporate that cost.

March Announce: Tickets, Art, Registrations, and Upcoming Events!

UPDATED (4/15/2024) The deadline for registering for theme camps and art projects has been pushed from April 15th to April 18th.

Work Weekend is coming at your face this weekend March 8-10. Please sign up on the Volunteer System if you plan to join! We will be gathering fallen branches and limbs. Bring gloves and appropriate tools if you has them. Bring a t-shirt to get your DIY Dirty Worker swag! For more info please email:

Tickets wants to thank the overwhelming supermajority of cosmic critters who submitted correct ticket paperwork and payment (no personal checks!) for 2024. We (you, me, and that carnival weirdo over there) created 1,354 ticket requests representing 2,154 possible tickets. As of March 5, our intrepid ticket team processed that into 1,917 actual going-to-Flipside tickets. Didn’t see your “you’re going to Flipside!” email, or curious about transferring yours to someone else, go here:

STickets wants more artwork submissions! The Art volunteers can’t have all of it, man. And we’re giving out free tickets to the winners. If you want awesome-looking ticket and sticker designs for 2024, click this link to participate:

Registrations! Theme Camp registration and Art registration opened on March 1 and close on April 18. Want to bring art or a theme camp? Want to see them on the map? Get ‘em registered! Speaking of art, we’ve got a ton of announcements from that area!

Disinfo! Are you throwing an awesome Event at the Event? Register with Disinfo by May 17, so a crowd of critters will crawl your way!

DMV If you want to drive that mutant vehicle around the city, you gotta register it! You’ve got til May 17 to do so – where? You guessed it:

DaFT Update!  DaFT is CRUSHING it (like, wow, things are moving!) but we’d always love to see new faces. Email to get connected.

Art Projects Seeking Support – whether it’s hands, help or $$$, projects looking for support can use this page as a bulletin board to ask for community involvement.

Art Blog! If you’re interested in workshops or other art gatherings, keep an eye on the FS calendar with more details published on the art blog. Check often!

Safety wants to announce this year’s SafetySide!  April 12-14 at Apache Pass Event Center! It’s time! We’re ready! Tell us you’re coming Sign up at 

Watch this space for more info soon. Got an idea for the Flipside Flame? Let us know at A Flame will come out in approximately 2 weeks and have more colorful, community content.

No COVID-19 Policy for 2024

We apologize if there was any confusion recently when some ticket confirmations went out today. There is no COVID-19 policy for 2024, other than: be responsible, do not come to the event sick, and please find a way to leave if you get sick while there.

If you are super-curious to know what the dead link in the email used to link to, you can stroll down memory lane here:

February: Learning Fire Through Art!

Photo by Charles Hueter

We had a lovely Spring Town Hall last weekend. Those who attended learned some of the arcane secrets of the Ice Team, observed live mass media training of Kidsville’s next generation, and learned that Work Weekends are coming soon. (You should really come join us sometime. Yeah, you: the one waaay in the back who doesn’t goof off with us enough.)

DaFT Likes Sharing Fire with You

Do you like bonfires, but always wish they were WAY bigger? Come help us build the craziest one in town, with the Design and Fabrication Team, DaFT!

There’s lots of wood to turn into scrap and sawdust, and if being covered in sawdust isn’t for you, there’s plenty of special projects that could cover you with glue or paint instead!  No prior experience necessary, if you want to learn something, we’re happy to teach.

Kickoff meeting will be TOMORROW at the Wherehouse: Tuesday, 2/6 and build days will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6 to 10 PM, and Sundays from noon to 8.

Come when you can, don’t when you can’t. Let’s make some art about it! Questions? Email

Speaking of Art…

Come to and to learn more about upcoming art events. For example, the Spring Art Show on March 3rd:

Speaking of Fire…

Check out upcoming flame effects classes! One is happening the day after tomorrow, and we aren’t talking about disaster movies:

Tickets and Stickers Need Art, Too

It is time for everyone with an eye for the visual to create and send in art submissions for the official 2024 ticket and sticker! STicket season is here, and it’s once again a competition for a complimentary pair of tickets for each winner. DEADLINE IS APRIL 8! Get started here:

Until Next Time

Stay warm and dry, folks. We have a lot of heads-upping, deadline-dropping, and volunteering-ing rolling our way the next few months. Whether you’re in this for the carnival, the cosmic, or the critters, we’re all in this together.

-Burning Flipside Comms


Hello Flipsiders! We’ve all been on the edge of our camp chairs* waiting for a bit of info, and that bit of info is now here. Burning Flipside 2024: Cosmic Critter Carnival, will appear on our beloved pecan playa.  Read more about the event , including location, HERE.

Also note, you have 9 DAYS to register your ticket request and send in that money order! Find info and instructions HERE. Don’t delay!

*you know how difficult it is to be on the edge of a camp chair? I, for one, am happy to not be so precariously balanced)