2018 MOOP Map

The 2018 MOOP Map shows that there was little MOOP found post-event. The low quantity of MOOP may be attributed to community awareness of LNT and a low number of volunteers for MOOP Sweeps and documentation.

The MOOP Map is a grey scale Safety Map which is annotated with yellow dots and red dots. Each yellow dot can be associated with an item of MOOP found. A cluster of yellow dots represents a MOOPy area. If the MOOPers feel that the MOOP item or action is atrocious, then the dot is changed to red.

Only 1 red dot was assigned to a MOOP item in 2018. It was a bag of bio-hazardous waste, which found either in or next to a portlet near camp 300. The stench was so horrible that most volunteers gagged and declined to move the bag. An anonymous Saint disposed bio-hazardous waste bag.

There were a handful theme camps with 3 or more items of MOOP found post-event. Those theme camps with 3 or more items of MOOP were 312, 408, 501, 515, and 607.

There were 2 areas in the Southern Badlands that were MOOPy. The first MOOPy area in the Badlands was near where the exit road connected to the entrance road in safety grid R6. The second MOOPy area in the Badlands was at the South end of Wizard Way near an emergency call box, in safty grid P7.

Overall, the vendors did a good job at LNT. However, the privacy fence along the county road did produce some MOOP.

If you see one or more yellow dots placed in your camp or near your camp, then please get involved. Ask questions of your camp mates and neighbors to raise awareness. Send email to cleanup18@burningflipside.com and ask for details on the MOOP findings. Visit the Cleanup and Site Sign Off booth at the next Townhall and volunteer for the next burn. We need you in 2019.

Disclaimer: Not on the 2018 MOOP Map were things picked up during the event, insignificant random findings or reported items post-event. There were some complaints about numerous cigarette butts on the ground during the event. However, most of the cigarette butts were picked up during the event by conscience burners. Being short on volunteers post-event, MOOPers spread wide and thin, walked fast, picked up that which stood out in the grass. MOOPers got a warm fuzzy feeling that things looked good, so a secondary sweep was not organized. However, MOOPers may have missed things with the spread between them, and the speed at which they moved. In some cases, MOOPers elected not to document small, random findings here and there, because of the documentation overhead and time.

Flipside wants your pictures

Did you get any great photos at Flipside that you’d like to share on the burningflipside.com website? We’d love to have them. Or any other creative works in digital form. Please submit them through our Media Contribution Form here:


Please do read the “Media-Use Agreement” on that page first. These are the terms you’re agreeing to when submitting a media contribution.

If your photos depict art, we need the name of the piece and the piece’s creator/s in order to credit them appropriately. If there are any people depicted in your photos, please be sure you have their explicit permission to post their photos online.

If you want to contribute a large number of files, you can contact media@burningflipside.com, but we’ll need all the information requested on that form either way.

Flipside Flame May 2018

It is a week before Flipside and welcome to the last Flame before we all head out on land! This mid-month post round-up tends to be a bit more on the casual side of things, so in the future, should your theme camp or art installation need any announcements, you’re going to want to contact me using the Flipside Flame/Announce Submission page. I hope you’ve started packing as we’re getting down to the wire: Flipside 2018: Return of the Shadows: 20 Years of Light and Dark.

For even more info, stay tuned to:

Your Content Lead,


What is in this Flame:

  • Larry Harvey, Rest in Peace
  • 2018 Map is Live
  • Get Yourself on Island Time
  • BurninGlam and You
  • Artists4humanity Performance
  • KFliP Updates
  • Flipside 2018 Art Spotlight: Crank Baby
  • Flipside 2018 Art Spotlight: Pretty Perilous
  • Flipside 2018 Art Spotlight: Bunnies Dream of Synesthesia
  • Flipside 2018 Art Spotlight: The Very Small Effigy
  • Ignition Philter is Proud to Present the 2018 Grant Winners!
  • Memorial Temple Needs Volunteers
  • Post Event Restoration Events Needs You
  • It’s Real!
  • Last call for DisInfo

Important Dates

Larry Harvey, Rest in Peace

In 1986, a guy went down to a beach with some friends and burned a stick figure.

They had no way of knowing then how many lives they would change.

The following year, they did it again. And again. After a few years, they moved this thing–whatever this thing is–to a boundless, featureless desert. Read on about Larry’s effect on all of us...

2018 Map is Live

Big thanks to our City Planning volunteers! Is your favorite theme camp coming? [Check it out in detail here…]

Photo by: JadeRumour
“This is your Island.
This is your Island, without Art.
Don’t let your Island go Unfilled.”

Get Yourself on Island Time

Not to be missed, The Island is only across the bridge or down the river path, but occupies a parallel universe.

Hosting a gallery of Flipizen’s art, shady spots, and cool(er) breezes off the river, The Island is worth repeat visits to discover the scope of the Art and the variety of experiences they offer. Interested in visiting? Learn more about The Island here.


BurninGlam and You!

BurninGlam wants your bright, crazy, glittery, lacy, silly, flowy, sexy, boldly patterned, bizarre fun clothes! We want your weird hats, tights, gloves, bras, wigs, accessories and props! What kind of clothes and costume pieces are they looking for? Click here to learn how participate!

Artists4humanity Performance

Artists4humanity will be doing a performance art piece at Burning Glam Friday at dusk. You won’t want to miss this experience!

KFLiP Updates

There’s lots going on over at the KFLiP Radio Ranch! 20 years of the light and the dark is all well and good, but let me clue you in on the latest after 12 years of FM radio and unplanned power outages, KFLiP-style!

  • We had a fund-raiser a few weeks ago, because KFLiP needed a bunch of big-ticket items all at once. (Two new generators, a new FM transmitter, new antenna and tower, etc.). If you want a KFLiP tote bag or stainless steel mug, we’re still taking pledges.
  • A new FM transmitter! KFLiP 100.5 FM is now broadcasting in STEREO.
  • and more!

KFLiP DJ sign-up is NOW!

Broadcasting to our dozens of fans for over 10 years now, KFLiP offers a bewildering mix of music and news from our own camp DJs and the community at large! Sign up to add your mad skillz here.

Flipside 2018 Art Spotlight: Crank Baby

The Art Spotlight is intended to highlight our community’s artists and provide a tease for the pieces they are bringing to the event. The countdown to Flipside is on! Start getting excited about the ART. Want to see what is going to be on the Pecan Playa? Check out this post for more on Mitch ‘Giraffe’ Hoffman’s Crank Baby.


Flipside 2018 Art Spotlight: Pretty Perilous

It all started by my strong desire to gift a village at Burning Man with something heartfelt, but also terribly dangerous for no good reason: a bunch of uncapped rebar (it was going to be labeled “Rebar Garden” and just appear overnight). That didn’t happen because I overbooked myself to my first big burn, so for year two I decided I should make it pretty, by attaching jagged edged cut metal flowers to the rebar. Click here to read more about Ste. Michelle’s great rebar escapade.

Flipside 2018 Art Spotlight: Bunnies Dream of Synesthesia

The project started from a desire to create a recognizable landmark to help me find my way home. Along the way, it has evolved into something more interactive by watching how people experience the piece. At the end of the day, though, I love when light and sound harmonize and hope I’ve created a canvas that attracts other visual and sound artists to come create.

Sounds delightful. Want to read more about this synesthetic piece? Head on over to this post!

Flipside 2018 Art Spotlight: The Very Small Effigy

I really love the way imagination, play, and general ridiculousness thrives at Flipside. I get so much joy at seeing people doing their thing, together, it’s amazing. Wanting to make basically a I-love-you-so-much-Flipside valentine back to the community led to a last minute idea… making Wee Camp, which came out two years ago as an unofficial piece. Much love and gratitude to Glam for letting our small first silliness happen by them!

The Very Small Effigy idea came out of Wee Camp thinking about events we could offer to the community, as a legit theme camp. [Read more…]

Ignition Philter is Proud to Present the 2018 Grant Winners!

This year we had 36 applications! Thanks to your donations during tickets and the LLC, we were able to award 16 projects money, giving away a total of $5500! Not bad for our first year! Read more about the winners here.

Memorial Temple Needs Volunteers

Also Memorial Temple ceremony night Saturday on playa needs a few volunteers. Please email templeburningflipside@gmail.com for more information.

Post Event Restoration Events Needs You



Restoration Efforts – Although Burning Flipside is a Leave No Trace event where every participant removes whatever they brought in, there are still some items that require community effort to fully restore the Pecan Playa. Hopefully you enjoyed the event, now come help us ensure we can have it next year! Learn about how you can help out with Exodus, Infrastructure/Post Ops, and Clean Up here.

It’s Real!

So, this Saturday, at Lloyd the Wherehouse, 3106 Industrial Terrace, we are doing the thing.

Flipside, right now, is an empty field.  This Saturday at 10:00 am, we are loading all of our infrastructure onto trucks, and taking it to Flipside and removing it.  Every ice and rangers shade strcuture, every infrastructure bench you sit on, every table, THE EFFIGY, all of the fire equipment, ALL OF IT MUST GO.

Hands are needed. Come and help!

Last Call for DisInfo


Is your theme camp holding a life changing and awesome event this year? Last call to head on over to the Events Registration to ensure that our community is in the know.




* See you on the flip side!*


Post Event Restoration Events Needs You

Restoration Efforts – Although Burning Flipside is a Leave No Trace event where every participant removes whatever they brought in, there are still some items that require community effort to fully restore the Pecan Playa. Hopefully you enjoyed the event, now come help us ensure we can have it next year!

Exodus – Don’t want to leave? Want to stay one more night? Sign up with the Exodus crew to help get others off the land so the restoration efforts can begin. This only take about 4 hours on Monday and you get use of a golf cart so it is easy! Sign Ups are at https://wiki.burningflipside.com/wiki/Volunteer/Exodus

Infrastructure/Post Ops – The organization itself brings a considerable amount of equipment out each year to provide the canvas for the participants. This infrastructure must be packed up and returned to the warehouse after the event. That happens on the Saturday post, June 2nd. Please come out one more time, help us and see what it looks like with nothing left on site. Sign Ups are at https://wiki.burningflipside.com/wiki/PrePost

Clean Up – Although we hope not to have to clean up after everyone picks up all the MOOP, there are undeniably a few things left behind. We need volunteers to walk the lands. Pick up what little is left and report it, so we can point it out to the offending camps/areas. Additionally, we help clean up the burn scar. Did you enjoy the burn, come back and help get it ready for next year? Sign Ups are at https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#search/xander/16303b3dafefef5a

Recycling – Don’t need any volunteers as there isn’t organized recycling in 2018!

Restoration efforts are an important aspect, not just of event sustainability and land owner satisfaction but they are just a good idea that helps us ensure we are a Leave No Trace Event. Help us be Burning Green!

Pyropolis Meteorology Signs

Pyropolis Meteorology Services aka PMS will have a dozen signs about the city.

Look for them at Greeters, Kidsville, Wonderlounge, Zion, Temple of the Steaming Pot, Civic Center, Safety HQ, K-Flip, Info Kiosk by ICE, Lava Lounge, DaFT, and the Corral Gate.

Our team will be updating them every 6 hours. By the 3s and the 9s.

You can also look for our team members, in black shirts. Or ask a Ranger, they can radio our team for current updates.

~Your PMS~

A word from the Sanitation Department

Good day, producers of human excrement, urine, & other such bodily discharges worthy of release into a nearby port-o-potty.

Flipside Ongoing Educational Program regarding Proper Port-a-Potty Etiquette wants to remind you:

  • Please close the lid to keep smells down.
  • Sitters, please sit on the seat. Hovering leaves a mess for the next person, causing them to sit in your fluids in the dark (Yuck!) &/or increases the unneeded use of additional toilet paper.
  • If it doesn’t come out of your body, it doesn’t belong in the port-o-potty. Part of radical self-reliance means you are in charge of your trash. Trash is hard to clean out of the potties & can ruin the relationship with our port-a-potty vendor. Take trash such as tampons, pads, their wrappers, etc back to your trash can at your camp.

Differently Abled
A word about the differently abled. If you know of someone in your camp or elsewhere who may need a bit more space to get the doody done, please contact the sanitation department. Please let us know near what camp or area where the individual will be & we will work to get a larger potty closer to where it is needed.

Adopt-A-Potty Program:
This started a few years ago & amazing gifts to the community have shown up each year. Choose a potty or a bank of potties & create an art piece in the potty, around the potty, or what have you. It’s all for shits & giggles anyways and there will be an art contest. The winner will receive a trophy!

Keep in mind the following when you choose to decorate:

  • Painters tape or gaff tape is best for hanging things because it does not leave a sticky residue. If you do use something that leaves a residue, please be sure to clean it off before you leave the grounds.
  • Hang material whenever possible using zip ties, string or what have you, just make sure whatever you use will not damage the potty structure in any way.
  • Paper prints or what have you fair better between cleanings when placed in sheet protectors, when laminated, or when covered by clear tape, so please keep this possibility open if possible.
  • All decorations must be above waist level for cleaning purposes.

Remember to remove all decorations before you leave the grounds.

  • If decorating outside, please keep in mind possible weather issues that may create MOOP.
  • Should you choose to decorate, please clean up any decorations before leaving the event.
  • Suggestions for potty pleasantry: hand sanitizer, signs with reminders of potty etiquette, feminine products, etc

And, in light of the wonderfully amazing soul who recently left us with the (among many others) legacy of Burning Man, Mr. Larry Harvey, might I suggest a few dedicated decorated potties in his honor? What does Burning Man mean to you? How has it changed your life? What amazing art have you seen or created, what experiences have you had, & what enlightenment have you gained by being a part of this wonderful community? Stories, photos, quotes? Share your amazing experiences with us please.

Parking is recruiting volunteers

Heeeeey Flipizens! It’s this time of year again . . .

Parking is recruiting volunteers for Flipside 2018: Return of the Shadows: 20 Years of Light and Dark: How Many Colons Can We Get into One Sentence?

We have plans to bring new ways of having fun out in that field. Come make art, listen to music, stay cool, and, oh yeah, also park cars. Bring your friends to make art with you! We will have snacks and frozen grapes to cool from the heat of the day.

E-mail: parking18@burningflipside.com to sign-up with shifts listed at Wiki https://wiki.burningflipside.com/wiki/Parking

And above all, THANK YOU for volunteering, with Parking or anywhere else. This volunteer-driven event wouldn’t work without you.”

Announce May 2018

Welcome to the last Announce before Flipside 2018: Return of the Shadows: 20 Years of Light and Dark. Now is the time to start panicking!

For even more info, stay tuned to:

As a reminder, if you’re looking to contribute to Flame or Announce, please us the Flipside Flame/Announce Submission page to send it in. This will also allow you to also set up your own Public Domain or personal pictures to your BurningFlipside.com post. Announce will be at the beginning of the month, while Flames get published mid-month.

Please get me your announcements at least one week ahead of schedule.

Next due date:

  • Flame: May 11 – This curated list of posts focuses on art, community, fundraising, and events.

Your new Content Lead,


What is in this Announce:

  • VAS needs YOU to make a Difference!
  • Ticket Lead Update
  • Sweet and Innocent City Planners Need Help
  • Burning Green – MOOP
  • A Note for Parents
  • Community Safety Issue: Help us find and fix our missing stairs
  • Interpersonal incidents FAQ
  • Echelon is Still Looking for Volunteers
  • Flipside Ticket Update
  • InterZone Coordinator
  • Barbie Goes to Flipside, the Screenplay
  • Flipside 2018: All RVs
  • Flagging! City Signage! Fun!! Fun!! Fun!!
  • Guardians is Looking for Volunteers
  • DaFT is still looking for community art for the effigy!
  • One More Chance for DisInfo

Important Dates

VAS needs YOU to make a Difference!

Have you ever been volunteering, and had the realization that sometimes it’s hard? It’s hot and you’re thirsty, or half of the team hasn’t shown up, or you really need to get a vat of salty limeade over to the Dafties stat and they’re way on the other side of the city? Well, fear not! The Volunteer Assistance Squad exists to help make your volunteer experience even more awesome than making Flipside go already is! Want to learn more? Check out this post.

Ticket Lead Update

The ticket window is closed and we do not anticipate selling any more tickets. Never fear though! Since we were able to fulfill all viable requests this year, tickets should be easily obtainable. Learn about how to find your Flipside tickets here.

Sweet and Innocent City Planners Need Help

Emily our devoted City Signage lead slaves away, crying at her solitude, Sundays at Lloyd the Warehouse to make city signs. Won’t someone come and help her?

Molly, our fresh recruit the Flagging lead role, is wondering if anyone will help her as well. Help the poor dear out!

And don’t forget Bonnie, your Theme Camp Liaison. She always wants to hear from theme camps when things change so we can try to accommodate them while we still can. After a while it gets harder to do that, and that makes us so sad.

Want to be a hero for these fine folks? Find out how to contact them here.

Burning Green – MOOP


A common burner word that pretty much expresses our desire for an LNT event but what exactly is MOOP?

Find out about what MOOP entails and how to curb your footprint here!

A Note for Parents

If you’re planning on bringing a kid to Flipside, you have some extra responsibilities. You need to bring documentation to verify that you are the parent or legal guardian of the minor in your care. Check out the list of documentation on this post here.

Community Safety Issue: Help us find and fix our missing stairs

Public domain by hhm8.

There was an influential essay titled The Missing Stair written in 2012. If you haven’t read it, it’s one page long and worth a look.

The author likens the missing stair to a known predator within any community (social, work, religious, club, etc.). Everyone knows about the problem with the staircase, so new community Members are informed / warned. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you, there’s a missing step on the unlit staircase with no railings. But it’s okay because we all just remember to jump over it.”

This is obviously not a good way of dealing with a problem, even in a small community, but it’s completely unworkable when applied to the Texas Burn Communities, including Flipside’s Community.

If you would like to learn about how you can help the Flipside community, please read more here. Help us fix our missing stairs.

Interpersonal incidents FAQ

Sometimes it can seem like Mother Nature has it in for us at Burning Flipside—floods, falling trees, and fire ants. There’s only so much we can do about that. But when it comes to problematic interpersonal interactions, we have some options. Learn about how to handle incidents and make our community a safer place here.

Echelon is Still Looking for Volunteers

Echelon is still looking for volunteers to support our Safety Teams as well as the Flipside community. It’s a pretty sweet shift. You’ll meet a ton of awesome volunteers as we check radios in and out to our Safety Teams. You’ll also meet and help fellow participants (and possibly make someone’s day) by keeping track of lost and found items at the event. All from the comfort and convenience of the air-conditioned trailer at Safety HQ! Sound interesting? Check out more about Echelon in this post!

Flipside Ticket Update

You think you have tickets? If your Ticket Request status says “Pending” you may have a problem. Take a moment to look into your tickets and read more here.

InterZone Coordinator

Zone Czars Needed! Czars are stationed at the beginning of each zone and they help place the first theme campers into their proper place. It is a low stress way to meet and bond with fellow Flipizens. It’s perfect for newer burners as well as seasoned ones. Interested? Learn more here.

Barbie Goes to Flipside, the Screenplay

All vehicles (golf cart, modified lawn mower, Fisher-Price Jeeps, etc.) must meet Mutant Standards to be licensed for usage at Flipside! Register your art car before the event, and we’ll let you know if your ideas are Mutant Vehicle worthy, before you spend your time, money, effort, etc. If it’s not 100% human powered, register it. Learn how to by reading this post! And… enjoy Barbie Goes to Flipside, the Screenplay.

Flipside 2018: All RVs

Due to the massive influx, let’s get some RV discussion started! From a City Planning perspective, we have included your RV in your placement, but placement is based on moderately firm or better ground conditions. If ground conditions get squishy in the weeks leading up to the event, we will let folks know the impact of ground conditions. Want to know more about RV placement? Read more here.

Flagging! City Signage! Fun!! Fun!! Fun!!

Have you always wanted to help the weekend before, but aren’t good at heavy lifting? City Planning has some opportunities for you! Woo hoo! Get your volunteering on by clicking this super awesome link.

Guardians is Looking for Volunteers

Guardians is looking for volunteers, we have space that needs fillin’!

Introverted? No problem. This is a great opportunity for you.

Want to play with night vision? Now is your chance!

If you would like to be part of Guardians of Flipside 2018 or know someone who would, check out this post.

DaFT is still looking for community art for the effigy!

DaFT is looking for:

  • 2D Art for the Underworld
  • Metal Art
  • Quest Givers & Theme Camps
  • Odds & Ends

You know you want to get your art on. Find out what that entails and help out DaFT here.

One More Chance for DisInfo


Do you have any events that haven’t been added to the Events list? We’re entering the last days before Flipside – take a moment to list your theme camp events on the events page and find out more here!


Learn from PETs!

PETs will be teaching a few classes, including community CPR.  We’ll have a whiteboard up by the station to list times.

We’re almost there, folks!