ANNOUNCING the start of the Burning Flipside 2024 season

Happy September! And a hearty welcome back to the hot and dry to all of you pouring back into Texas and other homes! Burning Man has come to a close, and we know what that means. Burning Flipside is getting ready to launch this coming year’s planning season.

FALL TOWN HALL The Catalyst Collective is wrapping up the reporting from last year’s event, right in time for the Combustion Chamber to host our annual Fall Town Hall on September 30 at Lloyd the Warehouse (3106 Industrial Terrace, Austin, TX 78758). Fall Town Hall is a great place to catch up on the latest news, show off some costumes, schmooze with your buds, and especially vote on the theme for next Flipside!  Set up and tailgating start at noon! Many hands make light work.

We begin at 2:34pm! Here is the Facebook event link if you are into that stuff. Here is the agenda:

– Welcome, Pledge, Leave No Trace
– Catalyst Collective Update
– Retiring and New Area Facilitators
– Volunteerism
– STickets Contest
– DaFT Effigy Proposals
– Theme Presentations
– How to Vote
– Voting Break
– Pledge
– Warehouse Use
– Combustion Chamber Update
– Community Announcements (Ignition Philter et al.)
– Theme Announcement, Closing, Leave No Trace

Speaking of themes, SUBMIT YOUR THEME suggestions!  Log in required. Voting will take place at Town Hall. There’s probably some sort of deadline. While you’re at it, be part of the show by PRESENTING those wacky, wondrous, or weird ideas in front of a crowd of 10s to 100s.

VOLUNTEER CORNER Know how Burning Flipside runs? It’s an ALL-VOLUNTEER org.  And the time to start is now!

Area Facilitators: We currently have two open Area Facilitator (AF) roles we’re looking to fill: Genesis and Site Signoff. Genesis encompasses Greeters, Zone Czars, Parking, & Towing and Site Signoff makes sure we put all our toys away and leave the land even better than we found it.

Both AF roles involve some project coordination, volunteer management and written communication skills, but you might be surprised by how applicable your theme camp, art project, line volunteer, or default world experiences could be!

If you think you (or someone you know) might be a good fit for one of these volunteer roles, let us know at Thanks y’all!

Communications Interested in communications? Want to help collect and provide content for THIS newsletter? Just reach out to me at and let’s talk.

Take care, and see you where!

Izzi B

Your content Content lead