Live notes, but a single post…please forgive any omissions or errors!

Catalyst Collective update -New land? Nothing known.
AFs needed – genesis and _______
Jenna Raider—Volunteering
Stickets equals tickets
Website improvement survey

Theme presentations:
-Cosmic Critter Carnival
-Hold my Blank
-Monkey Business
-Sysyphean Celebration
-Cosmic convergence (or coalescence?)
-#boycott freezerburn (don’t vote for it – Ste. Michelle will cry)
-Science Flair
-Hungry hungry Helicopters

Vote explanation – 3 stickers, themes on the wall, go in and add stickers

360 AF -Turtle. Leave no trace space. Lloyd, our beloved warehouse. Come build here (please fill out the form)! Church night Wednesday – come on out. Need a new 360 AF. Know anyone? Send em to Turtle. And again, take your crap with you. The recycle dumpster is not ours.

Combustion Chamber – communication device for board – takes input to the board. Meets about once a month. Most recent was on accessibility – event and warehouse! More input welcome at cc@burningflipside.com. Next meeting Oct. 16. Community input on effigy (in general, not in specific).7:42 pm.

Community Announcements:
-Ignition philter (XTC) funds the art. Submit a grant application. Judge the applications. Donate some funds! Ignitionphilter.cm

-Freezerburn Art (Destiny) – FB Art grants are open. Budget is big. Theme for FB is The Eyes Have It. Fzbtx.com

-Art Show at Lloyd (Rally) December 10. Submit theme suggestions; bring your art; come see the art.

-Scale it Back! (Ellen) impassioned plea to scale things down this year. Contribute to Habitat. Be a good example. and lead the way.

Theme announcement (drumroll please) (Mercedes)

3rd place -Sysyphean Celebration! (again!)
2nd- Neurodivergent Divebar!



Now watch this space, and watch your emails. More important news is coming here soon!