New Year, New Announce: All About Tickets and an Updated Covid Policy

Hey all you Gregorian calendar users out there! Happy new year! And to everyone, happy new ANNOUNCE! PAY ATTENTION! There’s some important stuff in here!


NOTICE: Before you start, you might want to familiarize yourself with Burning Flipside’s updated COVID policy. The Burning Flipside 2023 COVID-19 Policy will be enforced for all participants. Being unaware of our policies will not be a basis for a refund or an exception. More on this policy follows ticket info.

Want a ticket to Flipside? If you’ve been here before, you know we don’t have your average ticketing system! We have a multi-part process. It’s pretty simple though: Register, Mail a Money Order, and Wait! 

PLEASE NOTE: Make your money order or cashier’s check (NO PERSONAL CHECKS!) out to Burning Flipside this year. This is a change from previous years. Find more detailed details, the answers to your lingering FAQuestions, and a link to registration at!  

In the meantime, here are some pointers from our very own Ste. Michelle!

No Personal Checks

Hi!  Ste. Michelle here, reminding you the easiest way to get a ticket is about to start; some key things to remember include:

Ticket Window Opens January 9

No Personal Checks

Hi!  Ste. Michelle here, reminding you the easiest way to get a ticket is about to start;  some key things to remember include:

  • No Personal Checks
  • Register Early, Register ONCE (per login)
  • No Personal Checks
  • Double check your MONEY ORDER (It should be made out to Burning Flipside)
  • No Personal Checks
  • Mail in your Registration BEFORE January 30th
  • No Personal Checks
  • If you wait until January 30th to mail in your registration:  Go to the post office and get it HAND CANCELED to ensure it’s postmarked correctly
  • No Personal Checks

 Ticket Window Closes January 30

Seriously, no personal checks. 

~Ste. Michelle

While you’re at it, have a heart! Have some fun! Entertain your postal-person, your ticket-team, and yourself! Decorate that envelope! It’s not required, but why wouldn’t you? If I can make a tiki doctor using the highlighters, post-it notes, and tape I had at the office on the last day, so can you! Or you can plan better than I did that year and go to your favorite art supply store today.

Enough of the frivolity. Time to get serious…


The COVID-19 Policy has changed since 2022; please read the entire policy at

There will be two options for entry to Burning Flipside this year.

Option 1 – Proof of Vaccination

You can present proof of vaccination at gate. This proof must show that you are fully vaccinated as defined by the CDC.

Types of proof of vaccination that will be accepted:

A CDC Vaccine card. You must present your physical vaccine card at gate.

Two VaxYes verification cards. There will be one card for your original vaccination and a new one for your booster.

Other government-issued immunization records.

The name must match the ID presented at gate.

Option 2 – PCR Test Negative Result

You can present a negative result from a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test that was performed at most 72 hours before your arrival at Burning Flipside. AT-HOME TESTS ARE NOT SUFFICIENT! The name on the test must match the ID presented at gate. A mismatch in these two names will result in you not being admitted.

The full policy and answers to your FAQs can be found at Burning Flipside 2023 COVID-19 Policy.

Sorry for such seriousness, but seriously, it needed to be done! Now make sure those vaxes are up to date or plan to schedule that test, get your registrations in (STARTING MONDAY JANUARY 9), and see you out there, you crazy kids!

Much love,

Iz (your friendly and content content volunteer)