Ticket Window and Other Upcoming Events

Hi Flipsidians, potential, past, and future! Welcome to your December Announce Post!

As the community gears up for a variety of winter events, we here are ramping up Pyropolis prep! With that in mind, keep these dates in mind and in your calendar! (View and subscribe!)


DaFT Submission Deadline Rapidly Approaching! The DaFT deadline has been extended til December 15th. Find a call for proposals here. Info and links to application page included.

NOMINATE a lead! Do you know someone who would make an awesome organizer? Who can motivate a team to get things done? Who leads by example? Flipside runs entirely on volunteers (it’s a great way to participate!) and those volunteers need leads. Learn more about the volunteer/lead positions here and complete your nominations. Yes, Virginia, it’s kosher to nominate yourself!


Service Day at Lloyd THIS SATURDAY at 1:00 p.m. Come out to the warehouse and show Lloyd some love! Our beloved warehouse needs some care and cleaning – we need your help!

Combustion Chamber Meeting December 12th at 7:40 p.m. Topics of Discussion include “What is a Theme Camp” and “Temples at Flipside” along with the regular AAR, LLC, Area, and Community updates. Got any input or want to learn more? Join the Combustion Chamber at (you guessed it) Lloyd the Warehouse.

AND BEYOND (More details soon for the following events)

Tickets Tickets Tickets The 2023 ticket request window will be January 9-30.  Please visit https://www.burningflipside.com/event/tickets for all the gory details.  We also need hands to open all those envelopes, so please volunteer! Ticket prices have not changed ($151 for adults, $40 for kids age 7-13, and $0 for kids 6 and under [they do still need a ticket, though])

Tickets needs STickets Art Want to do something with the Demolition Disco Derby theme?  There’s gotta be something in that melange to exploit.  Ready to do something unique for the community?  Heck yeah, submit art to go on the 2023 ticket and sticker!  Go here to learn the details and get started.  Deadline for submissions is April 17, 2023.  The STicket Lead this year is Lynx, so mail stickets@burningflipside.com to reach him with all your questions.

“Spring” Town Hall February 4 at Lloyd the Warehouse. Learn more about the org, the event, volunteer opportunities, and art and theme camp registration.

Safetyside April 14-16 Volunteering for a Safety Team? Come get trained and cross-trained at Safetyside 2023. Details and sign-up TBD

Work Weekends Feb 24-26, March 24-26, April 21-23, May 12-14 Come help prep the land! Details and sign-up TBD

BURNING FLIPSIDE! May 25-29th  Cross your eyes and dot your Ts and follow the yellow brick road (and all the instructions in advance) – see you in the pecan grove!