October Announce – Beyond Town Hall!

Now that we have a theme, we’re gonna need an effigy! Here’s what you need to know to get started! We’re well on our way to building Burning Flipside 2024!  We need our effigy designers to step up and propose their DaFT magic!
Basics: https://www.burningflipside.com/event/effigy
Details for the proposal process can be found at: https://www.burningflipside.com/event/effigy/proposal
Are you full of great ideas but have never built or designed an effigy before? No problem! You’ll find contact information for the DaFT Selection Committee (DSC) in the proposal link above. Do make sure you read through the guidelines before you do anything else, so you have a good handle on expectations. Our wonderful group of previous effigy builders are happy to share a brain and provide feedback as you design your art at any time before the deadline. Reach out as early as possible. You are encouraged to utilize this resource!
The deadline to submit your effigy proposal is Thanksgiving this year (11:59pm CST on 11/23/2023). This provides the DSC some time to help guide prospective DaFT leads. Today’s a great day to let your creative juices flow- we look forward to seeing your submissions! Happy designing!

Burning Flipside Art Show at Lloyd! Save the Date and start the art! December 10th from 2-6pm we’re hosting an Art Show at Lloyd! Please note – this is an all ages event and littles are encouraged to participate! Facebook Event:  https://fb.me/e/g63oi5i6s
So what’s the theme? You have until 11:59pm Oct. 7th to throw in your suggestions by commenting on the theme thread on the FB event, adding your suggestion to “the box” at Town Hall, or by emailing art@burningflipside.com.The Facebook event will be updated shortly afterwards with everything you’ll need to know to pARTicipate. We will also post an update on the art blog on the Burning Flipside website with all of the info mid-October, including how to RSVP and sign up if you are not on Facebook. Happy arting!

The STicket Contest is Back (along with the free tickets)! Do you desperately want to leave just one really cool trace on the event and wider community? Do you have fun ideas to share about cosmics and critters and carnivals bubbling in your mindspace? Do you want to get a pair of free tickets?

Then submit your dang art for the dang ticket and sticker, dang it! We’re bringing back default world incentives to encourage more submissions, because we can’t have a contest if the community only sends in one or two choices. There is a pair of tickets available for the ticket art winner, and a pair available for the sticker art winner. The deadline to submit your art is April 8, 2024.  See the details here: https://www.burningflipside.com/event/tickets/stickets-design

Share Your Opinions About Our Website From now until Sunday, October 8 you can fill out this really easy survey to help us decide what to prioritize for a www.burningflipside.com makeover.  Should we improve the mobile experience?  Should we upgrade the Secure section?  Should we enhance the public-facing side?  We maintain a web presence for many reasons, help guide our decisions: https://forms.gle/3gF6NdWmoXoSsN1V8