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Flipside 2018 has come and gone – and what is in our future? Ways for you to continue to be connected to your community throughout the year, of course!

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What is in this Announce:

  • Burning Flipside 2018 Return of the Shadows: 20 Years of Light and Dark: Public Information Report
  • Flipside wants your pictures!
  • 2018 MOOP Map
  • Burning Green – Post Event Results
  • STicket Winners

Community News:

  • Thank you Greeters!
  • Flipside 2018 Art Spotlight: Glass Cascade

Important Dates

  • Fall Town Hall: Sept 22

For more information on how to be involved year around, check out the Burning Flipside Calendar.


Burning Flipside 2018 Return of the Shadows: 20 Years of Light and Dark: Public Information Report

This year marked the 20th edition of Burning Flipside. In 1998, George Paap and about 30 people got together for “Burning Man Texas”; the first event called Burning Flipside was in 1999. Since then, a family of regional events has grown up around Texas, and Burning Flipside itself has grown steadily in size, organization, and the strength of the community that underpins it.

Want to know how this year fared? Check out the Flipside wrap up here.

Flipside wants your pictures!

Did you get any great photos at Flipside that you’d like to share on the website? We’d love to have them, or any other creative works in digital form. Please submit them through our Media Contribution Form found on this page.

2018 MOOP Map

The 2018 MOOP Map shows that there was little MOOP found post-event, but there were a few problematic areas. If you see one or more yellow dots placed in your camp or near your camp, then please get involved. Ask questions of your camp mates and neighbors to raise awareness. Click here to learn more about how you can help out, or if you have something to report.

Burning Green – Post Event Results

Another AWESOME Burning Flipside is behind us. While analysis is still going on, I thought I’d give a preliminary update on how event LNT and post event restoration actions went. In a nutshell – The participants did outstanding! It was a great year for LNT! Check out this post to read more about Post Event Restoration, Infrastructure removal, MOOP Patrols, and Burn Scar clean up.

STicket Winners!

What did you think of this year’s STickets?? I LOVE THEM! All of you crazy, fabulous artists REALLY turned it out and gave me your art this year and made it SUPER difficult for the judges to pick a winner!! But pick they did and now I can finally announce the winners!


Community News:

Thank you Greeters!

I wanted to say a quick thanks to all the volunteers who worked to greet participants as they came in. A lot of people put a lot of work into making everyone feel welcomed and informed. Thank you all.

Flipside 2018 Art Spotlight: Glass Cascade

I have been doing mosaic stained glass art off and on for almost 15 years. I got into it in college when I moved into a house where the previous occupant left me a giant box of glass cuttings. I tried the Tiffany style copper foil method, but it involved way too much planning. I then started making tables and lamps that were built organically–often based on the shapes of the materials or patterns in the glass/stone.

I know you want to hear more about this community art piece.